View Full Version : HFAY S15 Races 9 and 10 and June BTE 10?

2013.06.08, 08:59 AM
Hi folks,

Another month has whizzed by... we have a venue booked next weekend on June 15th for the June BTE.. will this still be on? :)


2013.06.10, 08:03 AM
I'll get it added ASAP (next day or two).

2013.06.12, 09:01 AM
I've updated the site for S15 Races 9 and 10 along with the final results. I've also added the BTE to the site, We'll leave it open a week longer so everyone that wants to run can have the time to get it in.

Remember these races are 10 minutes and only in the clockwise direction.

HFAY Large Track Event # 10 (https://www.howfastareyou.com/events/index/179)