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2013.06.08, 09:14 PM
I've added a few new features to the program listed below. If they are of interest I'll tidy up the code and see if I can get it back in the main program.

Fastest average over 5 consecutive laps
Fastest average over 10 consecutive laps
Fastest average over 15 consecutive laps

The breakout option simply announces "breakout!" when a car exceeds the minimum lap time. We run a breakout series at our track and it proves very popular and a great way to get new racers to be consistent and to work on lines and not speed.

The averages appear in the statistics screen. These are very helpful to see how fast the run was over more than one lap. I use this information all of the time to see if my mods are making a true difference (and I don't just fluke a fast time). It's also better than the total time as one crash generally ruins that!

2013.06.08, 10:07 PM
I added a "Setup Comment" to the statistics screen. Now you can click on any of the cars in a race and annotate if you changed anything with the setup. Again I'm using this to record what I've changed when trying to see if I've made things better :)

2013.06.08, 11:01 PM
Yes, these things could definitely be of interest.

I also got your message about SVN access. I can set this up but I need you to register an account on the site first so I can grant the access. When you go to the site on the upper right hand corner should be a link to register an account.

One thing to make sure you are doing is when you add any item that is either displaying text or saying speech make sure to create entries in the translation module for this. Use the constants you define in their within the logic instead of hard coding things to the English language.

2013.06.08, 11:26 PM
Will do. I didn't see a register but I'll take another look.

:) You caught me. I started off adding translations but I wanted to test. The rest is hard coded for now but I'll be sure to add it to the translation tables (both the help, text and speech).

I think I've become pretty familiar with the code and at where I was using a local git repository, I revved the database (and checked the upgrade) 3 times. I'll try and roll this all into one so you only see one rev.

Where do you want it checked in, to trunk?

2013.06.08, 11:49 PM
Can you send me a link to the registration page? I'm probably missing it but I can't see a link on the site. I've been into all of the chid pages and searched the pages but no joy :(

2013.06.09, 03:20 AM
That addition would be appreciated. To make it perfect, please consider the number of laps to be user defined. Here in Germany 3 is a popular lap minimum for an average lap time in qualifying.
If translation is needed: pinwc4 knows how to contact me for that.

2013.06.09, 08:55 AM
Can you send me a link to the registration page? I'm probably missing it but I can't see a link on the site. I've been into all of the chid pages and searched the pages but no joy :(

This should work:

I just added it back to the site yesterday so I would guess your browser has the old site template cached.

For now I think I will create a separate branch to track the changes.

In thinking about the features further for the breakout feature I think this will either have to be configurable or at least I need to put in logic based on lap counter types. Some of the lap counters out there transmit multiple detections, the lap counting software rejects these as they do not meet the minimum lap time. But if you add logic annoucing a breakout people will be hearing that almost every lap with these lap counters. I will have to look at your logic as you may have already taken care of this. Minimally maybe a hard coded limit of not announcing it if the lap time is excessively fast, like maybe 1 second etc.

And then as Racer-HH says maybe the average lap should be configurable instead of hard coded to a specific lap number, not sure on this though, I will need to see what you have done so far.

Anyways you are doing good work, once you create that account I will get you a branch in SVN.

BTW, I do not use svn:, only https:. I did not setup the separate SVN daemon and just use the Apache module instead.

2014.03.25, 05:28 AM
Any news on the implementation of these cool features? Especially the overall and/or consecutive n-fastest laps during a qualifying session?

2014.03.26, 07:29 PM
... well the good news is that in my testing over the last 9 months they have worked well apart from one small flaw.. if you breakout in the first lap, it doesn't register until you complete another lap.

The rest of it (the averages) all work well.

I really need to get with pinwc4 so he can push the changes out to the masses.

Sorry guys, I dropped the ball on this one. Work went crazy after my position change and I no longer could spend time developing (there's always time for racing! :) )

pinwc4, email me and I'll see if I can remind myself exactly where I got to with the push.

2014.03.26, 07:31 PM
OK I just re-read some of the previous thread. The setup comments didn't work as expected but I didn't debug that aspect to get it running. To save confusion it's probably best if I just remove that part for now.