View Full Version : Upgrades completed: New lighting and smooth track surface

2013.06.12, 08:03 AM
All lighting in the shop was replaced with new efficient LED bright lighting, so the shop is even brighter, including the track.

Additionally, we took the time to switch the track surface to the smooth side of the RCP tiles. Initial feedback has been positive. Tires last longer and cars that were flipping at the end of the main straight with the textured surface, no longer do. Most racers say that it feels more like 1/10th scale racing.

Special thanks to Casey, Fai and Philip for their 2 days worth of work and the rest of the crew in helping to put down the track last night.

Come try out the new surface and check out the new lighting.

2013.06.12, 11:13 PM
I hope I can go back there during this summer to race w/ you guys.