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2013.06.12, 11:07 AM
So I was in Phoenix for a week on vacation with my family. I contacted the Mini-AZ group and just missed their regularly scheduled race. (we were driving down they day of their race).

Robin (hood) contacted me and setup a race night with the group (those that could make it) and since I didnít have any of my equipment with me also hooked me up with one of his cars to run for the night. I just wanted to say thanks publicly for having me over and for a great night of racing with the gang from Mini-AZ, it was a small group of us but was fun hanging out, racing and talking mini-z with everyone.

Robin had a Mini-96 setup with expansion in his garage (air conditioned I might add) and had a pretty technical track setup. This was the first time for me running on a mini-96 track setup, itís sure different that the wide track for sure. Little bit of leaning the car and the tight track and we were off. There was great racing with everyone. Joe, Kevin, Robin and I all had some great close races.

Here is a pic of the trackÖ. Thanks again for the great time.


Dusty Weasle
2014.05.28, 12:33 AM
Hi Brian! I should have replied to this a very long time ago, I just don't check in as often as I used to (lots of things pulling my attention between race days, you know how it is).

We had a great time racing with you and we're very glad you were able to make it out there for the evening. Yeah, that 96 demands razor precision driving!

(Brian went out there with a car he had never driven before, on a super tight track, and before long was setting fastest laps! Outstanding car control).

Next time you're in town I hope we can all get together again. Maybe even on one of our giant circuits if timing works out.