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2013.06.14, 09:40 PM
Hey, I just got my first mini-z (mr-01 chassis with a 996 Porsche gt3 body)
and the guy I got it from threw in a Speed Racer Mach V body, just wondering
if it's worth anything? Also, was wondering if there were any mods to switch
to a more sustainable power source, such as lipo batteries? Thanks for
your help!


2013.06.14, 11:45 PM
first off welcome to the forums… :D
if its complete with the rims and the front body clip/mount, the mach racer might be worth something to collectors, i really don't know how much they would go for these days, but do keep in mind that Kyosho produced these on a limited run, so i suspect them to be rare... so it might be worth a lot to the right person...

as far as batteries, you mention that you have a mr01, ni-mh batts is pretty much the standard of the majority... although the newer chassis mr02 and mr03, i believe can take li-fe batts made by route246/kyosho... not sure that the mr01 will be able to take it though since the newer chassis has better electronics... if you stick with ni-mh you'll be fine as almost everybody uses this platform...

hope this helps... :D

2013.06.15, 04:37 PM
List the Mach 5 in the marketplace here to pay for upgrades to your mr-01. Those parts aren't going to be easy to find anymore.

Yes, the Mach 5 is rare and valuable tj the right buyer. I would be interested myself.