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2013.06.16, 07:29 PM
i finally broke down and bought one of these. i wasn't sold on the value given you rarely see these for resale and wasn't looking to plunk down nearly $200 but after my last day of racing Gary walked me through taking off the tread from kyosho tires and it made a huge difference and was sold. so, saved up the money, placed the order and waiting for it to arrive. in the mean time i'm looking to resolve the power issue, which is very simple mind you, just looking for the most economical and user friendly solution.

i have a 12.8v, 10A power supply with banana plug output. i already have radioshack banana plugs and some heavy gauge silicone wire so that bit is simple. the trade off is i would have to start carrying around the truer and the power supply. my other option is picking up a cheap 12v, 6A power supply, similar to flat panel monitors use and change out the barrel plug for something coordinated with the truer. that could be replacing the stock wires with the appropriate dia. barrel jack at the unit or replacing the truer gator clips and PS barrel plug with EC3 plugs. EC3/5 seem to be preferred now over deans in some online searching.

the upside to the monitor PS, i would not have to carry around another bulky piece of equipment and it would be plug and play wherever i go. in my reading, 12v, 6A seems to be appropriate. anyone able to confirm this?

while i have the RC power supply, i don't like carrying around stuff i don't always need. i have it at home for use with my route 246 charger but prefer to travel as simple and lite as practical and typically don't carry these items around with me.

i'm leaning toward the monitor PS but the rating will determine pricing/availability which could make the RC PS the best choice.

2013.06.16, 07:51 PM
For use on the road a nice little 11.1V 20C LiPo with a TRAXXAS plug works just fine. No substantial bulk or weight to carry around. Or. Just make sure you have everything you need before hitting the road and leave the truer parked. Several sets of tires mounted and ready weigh even less.

2013.06.16, 07:57 PM
i use a 2cell lipo... no need to spin so fast!:)

2013.06.16, 08:23 PM
i've seen others use lipo cells and always liked the idea. i don't care for the battery maintenance required for those however. i'm lucky if i remember to cycle my NiMh cells and don't trust myself with something that could explode and my lack of care would certainly not be good for the cell. not to mention i would also have to remember to charge it to begin with. this is why i have not made the switch to lipo for my transmitter, even after 10 years of racing.

also don't trust myself to get all my tires pre-mounted/trued ahead of time either :rolleyes: i'm lucky to get 1-2 hours a week to spend on hobby stuff and maybe some time every other weekend which is also why i focus on ease of use, practicality and low maintenance.

2013.06.16, 08:47 PM
You can get a cheap 5v laptop power supply that will work just fine. You will just over heat the tires running at 12v. Personally I use my muchmore motor master to run mine. It allows me to set the voltage to any voltage I feel is best for the tire I'm truing.

2013.06.16, 08:49 PM
I was told by a fellow racer that you can pick up power supplies for next to nothing at the goodwill.

2013.06.17, 07:37 PM
yeah, power adapters are very cheap if you can find one with the right stuff. not finding many hits in 5-6v, 5-6a units.

2013.06.17, 09:46 PM
I've seen this done in 10th scale truers...get a plug in light dimmer from Home Depot. Around 12 bucks. Cut the plug ends off and wire it to whatever connectors you want and use the dimmer switch as a voltage regulator or rheostat and hook it up to whatever power supply you have to power your chargers. Works like a charm in turning down the voltage for the Hudy...:D

2013.06.17, 10:28 PM
If you buy a lipo with a traxxas connector on it, you can use the alligator clips on the truer motor without any mods. There is no need for more than 7.4v. I use a 2s thunder power lipo with a traxxas connector and it has been working great for the past year :)

2013.06.18, 02:00 AM
I've seen this done in 10th scale truers...get a plug in light dimmer from Home Depot. Around 12 bucks. Cut the plug ends off and wire it to whatever connectors you want and use the dimmer switch as a voltage regulator or rheostat and hook it up to whatever power supply you have to power your chargers. Works like a charm in turning down the voltage for the Hudy...:D

This is a bad idea if you're using a switching power supply.

I recommend the 2S LiPo.

2013.06.18, 12:31 PM
I've had a hudy truer for almost 6 months now and ill add my voice to forgoing the power supply. After plenty of experimenting I found a lipo with banana plug ins works great...I find its even a bit much for trueing some softer tires but by sslloowwly taking material off I avoid graining the surface of the tire.

If you don't want to carry/maintain a lipo you could do the same with a NiMH stick pack...a little safer and close to the same output.

2013.06.18, 06:41 PM
while the battery solution sounds great, i'm personally trying to avoid creating additional work to enable use of this. getting a battery, especially one that requires care and maintenance is not my cup of tea. i don't run other scales. i don't own a single battery for RC other other aa/aaa. if i already had lipo for some other use i wouldn't hesitate but i don't and don't plan to begin.

don't get me wrong, i find all the suggestions useful and informative and i'm sure others are getting valuable information out of it but they don't really address my particular needs, which are unique i guess. i want plug and play, no muss, no fuss, no worries about packing ahead of time, no desire to charge something other than my car/transmitter, etc. just want to be able to plug into a commonly available power source at a hobby shop, store, home, etc. i thought for sure there would be other like minded folks but i guess once you get into tire truer territory your in deep enough that most already have and use all the other stuff on a regular basis. my cars are lucky to hit a track 2 days a month. wish it was more but like most, i'm simply working to much and have kids/pets, etc.

2013.06.18, 06:56 PM
Then a trip to Goodwill for an older style higher amperage computer brick is the way to go.

2013.06.18, 07:02 PM
funny you mention that, i already have one i rigged for 12v and 5v power. frankly, surprised more people don't use them given you can get them for free from junk pc's. mine just happens to be mounted into a tool box so it's not really portable. it was more for a transportable electronic work station back before the time of kids.

2013.06.18, 07:32 PM
found a 12v 6a power adapter for a couple buck so thats worth trying. 7.5v 6a power adapter is a bit more expensive and harder to find.

2013.06.18, 07:47 PM
Running the Hudy at 12 volts is too much. The rpm's will be too high and you'll wind up graining the tire. You need to get into the 6 to 7 volt range....

2013.06.18, 07:51 PM
Plus you'll end up killing the on and off switch pretty quick

2013.06.18, 07:56 PM
Well, good thing it was really cheap. The 7.5v is closer to $18 but mostly sold in bulk or dealer only sales.

2013.06.18, 08:12 PM
Ok, after hearing about all these other hook ups, lets see some pictures :)

2013.06.18, 08:35 PM
As of right now, I'm in the same boat as you. I have yet to hook up anything to power my Hudy. I tried hooking directly to my power supply and darn near melted my tire...lol. That's how I know 12 volts straight up don't work. The suggestion I gave I saw on a 10th scale forum. Have yet to try it myself...:p
Plus I'm NOT spending ANY money to get a Muchmore Motor Master just to power a tire truer...:D

2013.06.18, 08:54 PM
Glad to hear I'm not the only one thinking simple and cheap. The PC power supply is a cheap way to get both 12v and 5v PS. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to make these over. I even read you can do something to get 7v out. Never did that myself though.

Ill keep hunting for a good deal on 6-7v 6a adapter.

2013.06.18, 10:05 PM
no pics but mine is simple. 12v muchmore power supply, muchmore motor master, tire truer. its a lot of equipment but i chose to spend my money on the best equipment. is it necessary? no but i enjoy all the gadgets as much as i do racing.

2013.06.19, 02:14 AM
Well I'm going to throw in my two cents. I've tried I don't know how many power supplies before one would remotely work my tire truer. Tried the portable power supplies that radio shack sells, none of them worked. Then I tried a 12v 5amp pyramid power supply that I found in a electronic store in wva, didn't work. Used my venom 2 cell lipo's that I run in my 10th scale off road cars. While yes it does work, like any battery it's going to die. Therefore slow down to the point that it won't work the truer efficiently. Plus if you let a lipo get to a certain voltage and continue to use it, then that's $50 or more down the drain. Which is the average cost of a power supply. Nimh 6 cell or bigger could do the job but also keep in mind it has to be at least 5 amps(5000mah) to remotely run it. And a 6 cell 5000mah packs sell I think for $40. Plus mini z racing is an indoor event which means there are power outlets so why bother with a battery that will die when you can get constant power. Power supplies are usually bulky so there is no way around that. I've tried using my team checkpoint chargers which are running off my team checkpoint power supply which also wouldn't run it. I could hook it up to the team checkpoint power supply and it would run but it was too much for it. I ended up with a dynamite adjustable power supply which has adjustable output from 10 to 14 volts at 10 amps. Cost $50. I unfortunately got the older version that doesn't have a LCD to tell you your voltage output but the new ones do and it's the same price and I think is a little more portable. Usually I get my tire trueing done at home but their are occasions where you need to true tires at the track. And like mentioned the switch on the tire truer does go bad and seen it go bad with any type of power source hooked to it. I ended up making my own switch for it from stuff I got at radio shack. Well theirs my two cents.

2013.06.19, 09:20 AM
^ I thought my switch died on me, but after I cleaned it out with rubbing alcohol and compressed air, the switch worked fine! So if you're ever wondering why the switch won't work, just clean it out. :p

2013.06.19, 11:06 AM
no pics but mine is simple. 12v muchmore power supply, muchmore motor master, tire truer. its a lot of equipment but i chose to spend my money on the best equipment. is it necessary? no but i enjoy all the gadgets as much as i do racing.

Didn't you take a picture of my stuff on the pink towel at the MBGP?

2013.06.19, 11:49 AM
^ I thought my switch died on me, but after I cleaned it out with rubbing alcohol and compressed air, the switch worked fine! So if you're ever wondering why the switch won't work, just clean it out. :p

I bought my hudy tire truer used from a friend of mine who got out of mini z's and didn't have a switch. Just wires running off the motor with a deans connector. All the parts that held the switch to the power supply were missing so I made a switch that runs inline. He was tired of replacing the switch when it break. :oHe just run it on a battery I think.

2013.06.19, 12:54 PM
bill, thanks for the post, checked out the lcd version and it's about the same price as the power adapter i was looking at. any idea what the dimension are roughly? it looks small in pictures but there is nothing to gauge scale. it certainly looks smaller than the RC power supply i have at home. if that is the case, i will just pick up the lcd version, convert the plugs to some other connector and call it a day. it looks about the size of a power adapter, connects to common power source, relatively cheap so sounds like a win. i don't like deans nor bannana plugs. i have a pack of EC3 plugs coming so may just use those.

2013.06.19, 07:39 PM
Ray, where did you find it at? I can only find the Dynamite NON adjustable power supply listed...

2013.06.19, 08:29 PM
check a shop called hopmeup, look for DYN4201

Dynamite DYN4201 Power Supply for Battery Charger 12-Volt DC 10 AMP 120W Output
Part Number: DYN4201

Universal AC input voltage range Short-circuit and over-current protection circuitry Chassis mount, rocker style, AC power switch Power ON indicator light (Red LED) Color coded, banana jack, power output terminals (Red = Positive (+), Black = Common or Negative (-)) 10 Amp Max The DynamiteŽ 12V DC Power Station is a rugged, medium-current power supply for use with a single 100W battery charger or multiple, smaller battery chargers. The 120W Power station is loaded with features, including an LCD display and cooler operating temperatures thanks to the internal cooling fan. Adjustable output voltage allows users to select the appropriate output voltage based on their battery and charger requirements, while the integrated on/off switch provides an additional convenience and safety factor.

Manual (http://www.dynamiterc.com/ProdInfo/Files/DYN4201-Manual.pdf)

i placed an order and received the order confirmation but not shipping status. until i know it's in the mail, it's still up in the air. i've never heard of this place before so always suspect.

2013.06.19, 09:04 PM
Thanks. After a little more searching, I found that Dynamite products are sold and marketed by Horizon Hobby, and that particular power supply is now discontinued and currently being recalled in Canada. Hmmmm...
Hopefully you'll get yours and it works...you got that at a good price, HH was selling it at $49.

I was going to experiment with the dimming switch, but thanks to TheSteve mentioning about switching power supplies, I won't as my power supply won't be compatable.

I think I'll stick with the battery power, as I already have some lipo's and some stick nimh's laying around...

2013.06.19, 09:12 PM
wouldn't be the first time i bought a product that has been discontinued. the other issue is not being certified by canadian version of UL if i understand it correctly, not something i'm worried about at all being south of the canadian border.

the cost was comparable to the power adapter i was looking at so it's an acceptable level of risk for me.

Mike Keely
2013.06.20, 07:31 AM
I have ran mine off of my checkpoint charger many times. I use the motor check mode at 7 volts.

2013.06.22, 06:46 PM
brief update. both the tire truer, power supply and ec3 connectors arrived so i took care of all those little bits today.


the ec3 connectors are easy to install.


i saved the gator clips and reused them just in case. made a connection cable with banana plugs as well so i'm covered.


2013.06.22, 10:16 PM
Did you get the hudy adapter. If so you will want to try and get a hold of a pn one. The hudy does not spin the tire true. Just watch it and you will see the wheel wobble.

2013.06.23, 09:42 AM
turned it all on today and discovered the adjustable power supply isn't so adjustable. the effective ranged is limited to 11.9v to 16v. even at 11.9v the tires heat up quickly. i was hoping to start at 5v and work up from there to a sweet spot.

looks like i will have to continue searching...

2013.06.23, 08:39 PM
I'm bummed for you that it didn't work out. Just keep plugging away I guess. ..

2013.06.23, 08:45 PM
well, for those that commonly run at 12v, this power supply is both cheap and provides a digital readout on the output. it just happens to run at a bit higher range than i was hoping for. i still think it's nice but i'll still be looking for something within the 5-12v range.

2013.07.06, 09:16 AM
ok, i've kept up my search and run across some things on ebay that look promising but i don't fully understand the function of the devices. i'm not proficient in electrical engineering so please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area.

item number: 400521278194
3~35V to 3.5~35V 100W Adjustable DC-DC Step-up Boost Voltage Converter Module

i assume that DC-DC in the title means it will not serve my purpose of converting AC to DC. the information isn't the best on this listing but that seems fairly self explanatory.

item number: 121056548481
1.5V - 40V/ 5A adjustable regulated Linear Power supply Transform Board

the product description provide info on converting AC to DC so this seems to fit the bill.

anyone with experience in this field care to comment, provide some insight, etc.?

2013.07.07, 03:17 PM
You could use a 5v power adapter (ex: iphone/ipod charger) with a usb cable and solder the + and - wires to the truer's motor. A 2s lipo pack makes the sanding drum and wheel spin very fast. Just make sure the watt output is high enough. Or you could just wire 6aa/aaa holders together to achieve 7.2v and use nimh batteries.

2013.07.07, 04:39 PM
An iPod cable will not give enough amps. Most are .5 and iPads are 1 amp

2013.07.07, 07:26 PM
the 2nd item has a rating of max 5a output. that combined with adjustable voltage is what looked promising. just want to make sure something like that is suitable. could be an easy job to put it in a box and call it a day. it already has the port for a standard power cord.

2013.08.03, 10:04 AM
ok, traded the lcd adjustable unit with bill for the non lcd version which you can go down to about 11v. it's a bit bigger but adjust to a lower point which is what i'm looking for.

i also ordered the thing form ebay
This kit provides a variable output power supply ranging from 1.5 to 40 V @ 5 A. It uses Low Dropout Positive Regulator LM1084-ADJ in TO220 package for delivering variable output voltage.

Input - 110-240 VAC
Output - variable output from 1.5 ~ 40 V @5 A Regulated low ripple DC voltage
Heatsink for regulator IC
On board bridge rectifier to convert AC to DC

Zener trimmed band gap reference, current limiting and thermal shutdown (provided by IC feature)
Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy input and output connection
Onboard PCB mounted Potentiometer (POT) for varying the output voltage
Filter capacitors for low ripple DC output
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
PCB dimensions 63 mm x 112 mm

it should arrive in about 2 weeks and if it works as i hope it will, it will be much smaller and greater range of adjustability that will fit just about anywhere in my box and plugs right into any outlet.

2013.08.03, 10:20 AM
Cost effective? Link?

2013.08.03, 01:48 PM
eBay item number: 121056548481
$23.99, free shipping

2013.08.05, 10:03 AM
12v supply and 0.5ohm resistor in series with the lathe motor. Has been working like a charm for over 6 months in our club lathe that is used on daily basis. Easier on the power supply and limits the power just perfectly so you can't heat up tires easily.