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2013.06.19, 12:58 PM
Hi guys, complete Mini Z noob here but I've been bitten by the bug hard.

Heard that upgrades of the shock/damper is a must so I immediately placed an order for these.


I was directed to http://mini-zracer.com after placing the order and looking through the posts and pics, I've realised everyone either has a disc type damper or is using a triple shock system. I did not even know these existed until now.

Did I just waste money on my purchase? What are the different handling characteristics between the standard one shock set up, disc dampers and the tri shock systems. Also which version of each system do you guys recommend.

Also is there a miniz hop up or set up guide somewhere online. What are the essentials to be upgraded - apart from tyres and ball diffs - that can really add to the consistency and reliability of the miniz.

I've had abt 10 years of RC experience but nothing like the Mini Z. I had the losi Mini (not micro) T in the past but that is just a scaled down buggy.

These little beasts are completely new to me.

2013.06.19, 03:31 PM

From my point of view, it was not wasted.
You can still use the top shock with a tridamper or a dps.

I would say you need ball bearings, t-plate and front springs.
After that you need tires and a track.

I use DPS on my 86mm Porsche, but tridamper on all the other cars.
I like the adjustability of the tridamper, but the DPS is a bit cheaper.
And the DPS is a bit easier to get "right".

It always comes down to how much you would like to spend on the hobby.