View Full Version : How to get more flex from stck chassis?

2013.07.07, 09:51 AM
Very frustrating :-[ The brand new chassis is not flexible that much.
How can I get more flex for max articulation? Any mod available ?Thanks :-)

2013.07.13, 02:41 AM
Any help guys pls:-)

2013.07.13, 02:06 PM
idea in the dark since i've never seen an Overland in person (just looked at online photos of Readyset)...

It kind of looks like the chassis has a center pivot design with two shocks supporting each sub section that pivots.

That being an assumption (am I right?) I'd say the pivoting section likely has some sort of bump stop to limit the total amount of pivot (similar to the Gen2 Xmod truck).

If you grind down that stop then you'd get a freer articulation...what kind of failure would happen if you did that is anyones guess.;)