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2013.07.13, 05:22 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

looking to kick off Kyosho Stock class racing at Hobby Works! i know, we tried this before but we were trying to run it on HFAY dates which are too busy already.

rules are simple (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38658). Disregard the bit about the motor changes and draws.

NO exceptions made.

I know summer schedules are going to mean it may be difficult to make these alternating weekends but please make an effort to support this entry level class. We are offer this as a means to provide a cost friendly class for the average person to purchase a kit and join in racing as well as a means for those already racing to hone their skills with a more basic setup focusing more on driving prowess than upgrades.

2013.07.13, 05:24 PM
we will be running HFAY #18 in order to get practice for HFAY S16 race 5 and 6 in September.

https://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.printablepicture.a68a815a9b601a2f.484641592 d547261636b2d31385f7072696e74696e672e6a7067.jpg

2013.08.10, 06:03 PM
I've confirmed this with Bruce today, Hobby Works Stock class will start August 24th!

2013.08.18, 07:03 PM
What time does this start? I would like to bring my son to watch.


2013.08.18, 07:17 PM
setup begins at 10:30am. practice till about 2pm when we will start qualifiers for stock clockwise.by 3pm we should be moving on to maybe 90mm class till about 4pm when we should wrap up for the day.

The goal for stock class is to get people from the box to the track with minimal cost and provide a class where there is an opportunity to learn and experience racing before moving on to more advance classes like 90mm, HFAY or even F1. by focusing on a stock car class we put more emphasis on learning to get around the track and understanding what the car is doing, and how that can be adjusted for effect.

we all were beginners at some point so stock is the best class to do that. some people will find they are naturals at it while others just have to keep practicing. i'm one of the latter :p both my kids started when they were maybe 4 and were able to get around the track after some time. if they had kept with it they would almost certainly be better than me however video games became more entertaining at some point.

the absolute toughest thing to teach/learn is throttle control. kids by their nature just want to mash the throttle and go all out.

2013.08.18, 09:53 PM
Thank you Arch, I will try to be there. I only have a mini-z from 2001. My son has expressed interest in it and I wanted hm to see a race.

2013.08.19, 10:20 AM
Ill bring one of my kids cars your son can drive around. They each have a stock mr-02 AM.

2013.08.19, 10:08 PM
Thank you Arch

2013.08.23, 09:15 PM
just a reminder, i'll be at the store by 10:30 for setup. i had planed on finishing my VE build tomorrow but my order hasn't arrived :(

2013.08.24, 09:49 PM
just wanted to post a quick message to say thank you to those who were able to make it. i had a good time and hope you guys enjoyed the day as well.

big thanks to KWT and Austin for making the long trek. i realize it's a long distance to travel but hope we see more of you guys.

i'll post the results tomorrow. we ran stock and 90mm. i was hoping to use core/flipside for stock racing as it's far easier to get everyone up and running with paper transponders. unfortunately i don't remember how to run it and wasn't successful in getting the loop to recognize tags so the new guys didn't get timed. i'll bring the back up pc back to hobby works next time. does anyone else have a core loop?

2013.08.25, 09:11 PM
I have my core loop. I'll will hopefully remember to bring it next time.

2013.08.25, 09:14 PM
Thanks for making us feel welcomed. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed it. I am really grateful for all the help you guys provided. We will definitely be back.

2013.08.27, 04:51 PM
Results, Mains are 8 Minutes
Bill 94 Laps, 8:03.507 Minutes
John 82 Laps, 8:01.987 Minutes
Raymond 81 Laps, 8:01.627 Minutes
Ian 81 Laps, 8:00.615 Minutes
KWT, no transponder
Austin, no transponder

Bill 89 Laps, 8:05.023 Minutes
John 76 Laps, 8:02.324 Minutes
Raymond 74, 8:03.057 Minutes

2013.08.27, 10:14 PM
It was a fun day and good racing, can't wait till the next one.