View Full Version : steering problem MR02 Ex

2013.07.20, 07:05 AM

Have recently purchased a mr02 EX. I hit the wall and the steering is now locked to the right. The steering has no response to the left. I noticed there is no buzzing sound when you turn to the left but there is when you turn right.
Any answers ? Thanks

2013.07.20, 06:24 PM
you'll have to remove upper cover an inspect the servo gears for damage

part no. KYO-MZ8-1
ebay item no. 200937667100

2013.07.23, 04:55 AM
have you fixed your steering issues? click on "official online link to kyosho's mini-z manuals" in my signature if you need any help... :D

2013.08.01, 09:50 AM
Hi and thanks for advice...it took about an hour to disassemble the steering mechanism but problem sorted. A grain of sand had lodged in a cog and had to be scrapped out of the teeth...absolutely wedged in ! This locked the pinion gear into position and was as solid as a rock.

2013.08.01, 11:40 AM
good to hear… at least you didn't have to spend anything… :D