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2013.07.27, 09:22 PM
Hello. I'm very new to mini z cars. I just recently tried getting my old xmods working, then I looked into these cars. Bought a couple off eBay. One is an F1 mini z that works perfectly. The other is an I waver that has stacked FETS. This is the one I'm having issues with. It runs awesome, its super fast, has a couple other upgrades. But it pulls to the right all the time. I'm not a newbie when it comes to tools and cars. But I can't figure this out for the life of me. Its not the steering, its all in the rear. Its like it doesn't distribute the power evenly. Even if I start slow and then go fast, when I let off it whips it to the right. I got a new diff, new motor mount, I've tried mounting the motor in different positions, I've tried everything I can think of. Even if I cut the throttle down to half it still whips it around to the right. I don't get it because the f1 car is strait as an arrow at full throttle. I don't know if I'm just not setting it up correctly, or if I'm missing something. But other videos I've watched none of them whip to the right so fast. Please give me some advice!!!

2013.07.27, 09:53 PM
Try a different T plate...sounds like you have some tweak issues.

If you don't have another T plate try using shims to level the rear pod.

2013.07.28, 12:39 AM
Ok, I've got 2 different sized t plates. The short one is on now. And use shims on what, the t plate, or like wheel spacers. How about the differential, what's the deal with tightening the wheels. I've even tried the stock f1 diff I've got. It still does it. Tightening the wheels seems to make it posi or not, basically. This just has me baffled since the f1 car performs so much straighter.

2013.07.28, 12:13 PM
Tweak is a condition that occurs when you cannot apply even power because the T plate is twisted slightly. Examine your car to see if the rear wheels sit slightly twisted in what should be a neutral position. Since it doesn't sound like you'd have a setup board try holding your car upside down and look from front to rear level with the chassis to see if the rear wheels sit crooked/twisted.

By using shims on the T plate on the motor pod side you can level the rear wheels. It sounds like its your only option at this point since you describe having only one T plate of the correct length.

One other idea (if tweak isn't an issue) is to check your differential. Sometimes if a ball diff is too tight it can cause an oversteering condition one way or another. If you have a ball diff feel for smooth wheel diff action by grabbing the spur and the non drive wheel and giving a spin back and forth...you should feel a smooth and notch free action. You can adjust tension by loosening (or tightening) the nut on the diff closest to the motor pod on the driven side.

You describe a "posi" effect from over tightening the wheel nuts on a stock diff...don't do that. Get just enough tension to secure the wheel and no more. You'll get the gear diff running properly that way

Good luck.

2013.07.28, 01:14 PM
ok check to see how many spacers you have up front and make sure they are the same size. if that doesn't work check your tires to make sure that the rims are not bent. if thats not the problem check your front end for damage or bent parts. also make sure your springs and king pins are not sticking. if you are still having a problem send me a picture of your front and rear.

2013.08.05, 11:34 PM
Thank you for the input. After alot of tinkering with a new diff and different motor mounts I believe I fixed it with a shim on the motor mount, and softer front suspension, and no top spring. The shock that came with it was aftermarket and kinda crappy. One on the king pins is a little sticky but other than that its so much straighter. Thanks again for the input