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2013.07.28, 01:50 PM
After some advise, one of our club members is blowing fets (so far this year 02 board 27 MHz 03 board, & today a 02 2.4 board hes running a stock diff motor & motor pod, lambo Marcelino (excuse spelling) shell pn 70 turn motor with 750 sho batteries as it seems to be an issue only with him any thoughts on why would be welcome

2013.07.28, 03:30 PM
i've bought 4 mr-03's and burnt fets in all 4. some have bought more than me and never had a problem. sometimes, it could just be a poor solder joint on the board or faulty fet.
check to make sure he's using the right spacers for the gearing used. too tight and it spikes frying the fets.
after 13 years with mini-z's, unless i'm keeping it box stock, i immediately have the fets changed. it's a cheap fix provided you have a local source for labor.

2013.07.28, 08:49 PM
Blowing fets seems to be more a driving style then a flaw in the car. Unless of course you're running extreme mod motors.
You really need to be in the habit of backing off the throttle as soon as you hit something or stall the car in any way.
The cars drivetrain should also be drag free at all times and many people tend to run pinions much to large. Nobody should progress past the 6 tooth stock pinion until they can do lap after lap with consistent times(of course this might be boring for some, lol)