View Full Version : Empty Autoscale Cases

2013.07.30, 10:56 AM
Hi Guys,

It has been a year since I last visited you guys but It has finally come that weekend of the year where I bring the kids to Canada Wonderland, and this "kid" here to MC3 :) I'll be there this Saturday (Aug 03rd) and If you have any Empty autoscale Cases laying around that you would like to donate to a fellow Mini-Z Collector :-) or even if you'd like to sell, let me know. I'll appreciate all offers :)

Looking forward to meeting you all again :)


2013.07.30, 11:56 AM
I think I have a couple on hand...

pomme de terre
2013.08.03, 12:11 PM
I'll be there and I'll bring an extra case or two :)