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2013.08.01, 07:36 AM
We have an order on the way from a new manufacturer, GoGoLap. They make two products at the moment. A lightweight version of the Nissan 350Z GT body (JGTC style) that weighs in at only 31g and a bluetooth ICS programmer that works with Android Tablets or Phones. Both products have gotten great reviews from many mainland China racers.

The shipment should come sometime this month. So, keep an eye out for these great new products.

2013.08.07, 03:11 PM
we will surely be testing out this stuff shortly and will report back.

2013.08.07, 04:01 PM
;) nice. too bad the ICS box is Andriod only, means i won't be getting one. still need to order a shirt...

2013.08.12, 10:28 AM
The bodies come in the old style clear plastic boxes that Kyosho used to use. There are no instruction or labelling, but things should be a no brainer for assembly. The quality of the body is fantastic. It comes with all the necessary bits as normal (spoiler, screws, wiper, mirrors, etc...). The window is smoked colour like Kyosho's. All of us seem to think these bodies come from the old Kyosho mould, it's that good.

As far as the advertised weight of 31g goes, we've yet to confirm. One of our racers is building one as we speak. A kyosho autoscale (black 350Z GT) weighed in (from my memory) about 39.4g. When I weighed the GoGoLap body, I did it with all the plastic bags and plastic part rails on (the part that is removed when assembling the parts) and it weighed in around 36g. So, we're expecting a fully painted, assembled one to weigh in around that. Have't followed up to see if anyone makes a lightweight window for it. If so, we're talking serious weight savings compared to a stock body.

Additionally, some would ?argue? about running a 94mm body as opposed to 98mm, but there is kid at our track that runs 94mm and rocks it. After speaking to the racers, we may organize a 94mm open class and see what happens. From previous experience the 350Z GT bodies are well balanced, stable and used to be a favourite amongst racers.

I'll try to take some pics next time we're open.

2014.05.12, 11:52 AM
Finally got around to building a 94mm and use this body.

Wow! I love the car completely. The body is so well balanced. I am using the PN 94-98mm mount and a complete reflex racing front end. I am also using just the PN disc damper setup from a tri-damper setup. I found with 94mm, I couldn't use the tri-damper anymore. The disc was hitting the side shocks where they mount to the damper plate. Maybe someone could make some smaller diameter discs? I also chose to use alloy rims, which I normally don't do. I find that alloy rims can make the car roll at the end of the straights. I know...sounds stupid, but I've tested again and again and the only difference between flipping and now was going plastic rims over alloy.

Anyway, we're running a very large layout now and the way it is going now is like 3 straights in one. The car is very well behaved in these high speeds turns and the mix of the rest of the track which has both med and low speed turns.

Bottom line, I highly recommend this body. Mine was the last one in stock. So, I guess I'll have to get an order together from GoGo Lap. Last note, I did have to trim some off the bottom of the front lip and have to use a PN carbon adapter (BTW the Audi R8 adapter works fine for this application) to raise the front of the body. Otherwise, it was hitting causing inconsistant handling issues.