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2013.08.03, 12:46 AM
This is the Sunday we all landed on for our next race, hoping everyone can make it!

Also, in the spirit of a pure goofy bone stock race class... I've just ordered my CIS-80 Buggy from All-Battery dot com! For $34 shipped, how could I go wrong?!?! :) 1/32 scale, lipo powered, 2.4ghz, proportional throttle, digital steering... not a bad deal in my book. Just hope it's semi-raceable! I'll update as soon as I get mine. If it's even half driveable, maybe we can get a good beater class going. If not, my son gets a new toy.

2013.08.03, 08:40 PM
Date should be good.
Let us know on the "beater" buggy.:p

2013.08.05, 03:51 PM
i may order one as well!! let us know on an update. if anything i get payed this thursday so...i might just order one!

2013.08.09, 09:53 AM
You can count me in on the 25th

The Rookie will only learn from his mistakes and in time will become a pro
(Dont mock the Rookie!!!)

2013.08.09, 09:54 AM
i may order one as well!! let us know on an update. if anything i get payed this thursday so...i might just order one!

FINALLY!!! found you on here lol

2013.08.10, 03:10 AM
Just got done messin around with the new buggy. It's fun?... Yes! Raceable?... Ehhhhh, maybe?

So got it out, charged it via usb. Tried to make a lap. Without the "turbo" engaged, it's useless. A quick hold of the turbo button and it was donut time. So the foam tires had to go! Mini-z tires fit no problem. Put on some LM 20rears and 30fronts... The thing pushed like all heck. Swapped the rears for some old PN 6s and the thing is actually semi-driveable. Could probably get a bit more high speed turning if I go to a hair less grippier rear tire but it got around pretty well like it was.

The bind is easy, no range issues in the basement whatsoever. It pops wheelies pretty easy and it like to go airborne with a slight rail tap. Full throttle is near impossible to control down the backstretch. It does however land right side up the majority of the time though.

Fun little toy but if they ever give these little buggers prportional steering, they'd have the greatest little product on their hands. For the money spent, well worth it IMO.

Don't buy one til you drive mine though... I wanna see what you guys think.

2013.08.10, 08:13 PM
Forget that buggy.....you should be running my buggy.;)

2013.08.11, 06:50 AM
But if I smash yours up I'll be out a few hundred! :eek:

I've never ruled out a buggy class but from everything I've read they seem to have their issues. Biggest thing is affordability, I know I can't afford a Kyosho buggy right now, be tough to get our other racers on board too.

I think I found a proportional steering 1/32 truggy... May have to check it out next month.

2013.08.13, 08:21 AM
I should be there

2013.08.13, 10:40 AM

Ran the little buggy some more yesterday, I can get it around the track fairly decently but it's just too flippy to get any kind of real racing out of it in my opinion. Would be good for a tennis court but on an RCP it would be too much to marshall a race.

Here's what I'm shopping for:

$40 and under RTR
1/24 scale or smaller
Lipo with charging system
10 minutes runtime minimum
proportional steering and throttle

... if anyone else comes across something, post it up here!

2013.08.13, 11:01 PM
I think traxxas makes a 1/24 scale buggy

2013.08.13, 11:15 PM
No I'm wrong redcat makes a 1/24 buggy starting at 90$ they also make a truggy starting at 60$ hope that helps

2013.08.14, 09:45 PM
That Sumo Truggy is pretty cool for the price, I've seen them as low as $50 too. Might be an excellent choice for a box stock class! As soon as the funds replenish, I may have to order one. And they are 2.4, 4wd, and run on AA batts. Thing I like most about them is that the speeds are pretty tame out of the box... Wonder if I can adapt a 130 motor into there?

2013.08.16, 10:58 AM
I may not be able to make it to the meet this month somthing came up and I'll have my son that weekend

2013.08.23, 12:42 PM
No problem to bring your son with Gordon, if he acts up I have a good supply of duct tape! ;) But seriously... no one here will mind.

Sunday is almost here and I'm hoping for a good day of racing (it's been a while).

To let you in on my current venture, I'm in the process of getting a Redcat Sumo 1/24th... seems like the best deal out there right now for a box-stock fun class. So far, I think there are 3 kinds of Sumo 1/24th... there's the Truck, the Buggy and there's also a Crawler. I think I'm getting the Truck, I've read somewhere that the Buggy version is rare, but find-able. Obviously the Crawler is not the one we want.

Also, Ray posted that the Xmods are going to be re-released by RadioShack. If they come out in 2.4ghz... it may be something to look into for a box-stock bash class.

The whole reason I'm pushing for a box-stock class is to have a class for complete newbies who want to race but can't afford a full-on Mini-Z. I think it would be a good thing for someone to be able to pick up a new RTR RC and just come to our club and join us. Any objections?... ideas?... anyone? :o

2013.08.23, 08:24 PM
No problem Ed. Sounds good for the newbies. More affordable to start.
Ill be there around the usual.
Not sure if ill have the time to put things together but i got a hold of the new front with the magnets (forgot the name), be interesting to try it.

2013.08.25, 07:35 PM
How was the turnout today? Didn't go anywhere as my car broke down on Thursday on my way to work...took me a few days to figure out that the theft deterrent system on the car locked me out and and wouldn't let me start it. All due to a low battery... Changed the battery and rebooted the system and now it runs...go figure!:eek:

2013.08.25, 08:42 PM
There was 5 of us. It was good tune and very tight racing.:)

2013.08.26, 11:06 AM
Good day of racing as always, traffic was tough in some races but I'm sure that's a sign of us being so close in speeds and styles.

Al was fast lap all day, 7.05 was probably the fastest ever on our track in Stock. Only milliseconds from breaking into the 6s... somebody is gonna do it eventually!

Glad Dave finally got his car together, made for better racing for sure! I still think he should get rid of that antique radio but I understand why he's gonna keep it... it does work. ;) I had some great tuning laps racing Quinn... I've realised that he drives exactly the same lines I do, if he had a hair more power he'd be right up there in front everytime. (I've got some cells for you to use next time)

Thanks again guys for showing up... I couldn't ask for a better crew!

Get your ideas for scheduling next months race date on here so I can post up the new thread.

2013.08.26, 12:36 PM
That sounds like a good idea sorry I didn't make it I'll see all you guys next month

2013.08.26, 05:20 PM
I'll be racing dirt oval every Saturday next month except for the last Sunday...so if the racing is for that Sunday I won't make it. If it's for any other Sunday I promise I'll be there. :eek:
But u guys do what's best for everyone and don't worry about whether I can make it or not...:p

2013.08.26, 10:06 PM
i just need to learn to cycle my batteries instead of letting them sit since last race! i will be away the 8th of September at a big car show...and the 29th, mainly cause i will be celebrating my birthday that Saturday night cause my birthday is that Monday! soo maybe the 15th and 22nd if anything.

ohh and also i have a friend who wants to try this hobby out! i will bring him along this race and we can show him the ropes! im sure oen of you guys will have a car ready for a newbe!

2013.08.27, 10:09 AM
I think Larry is good for most Sundays in September, I'm leaning towards the 22nd for some strange reason. Gordon... do you know when you'll be free next month?

Dave?... Al?... Steve?... opinions?

2013.08.29, 11:39 PM
Got my Sumo tonight! Quick threw some cells in it and took it for a spin around the track. Took 3 AA cells in the controller, 4 AA cells in the truck. Turned the controller on, then the truck. It was already binded so there was no real wait. The controller is comparable to any newer 2.4ghz controller, very basic, very usable. Had the basics, trims, channel reverses, steering endpoint dial. I forgot to check if there was individual endpoint settings (side to side) like the KT18. The truck ran well, gear mesh was a bit tight but it wasn't box stock and the previous owner apparently swapped in a different 180 motor. The 4wd works well for having gear diffs front and back, the steering was predictible and the throttle control precise.

It works!... So of course I promptly ripped it apart to see what makes it tick. Pretty easy teardown, but getting it back together right may take some time. I'm tempted to order bearings for it a while to make the re-assembly a bit more worthwhile. The board is setup real well, the fets are big and the standard micro servo would be easy to swap for a better one. It connects to the board via microplug. Nice layout overall, I'd compare it to a Gen1 Xmod the way the cell holders can be removed... This little truck just screams to be modified although I haven't researched the aftermarket parts available yet.

All said and done... This little truck is one hell of a deal for the money! The build quality is solid, the fitment tolerances are better than I expected too.

I'm impressed! It is a rare thing for me to open up a cheap RC and feel like I got more than my money's worth. Makes me really question the Z's pricing. This isn't Kyosho quality but I'll say it's damn close! An RTR, 2.4 with good quality and it's fun right out of the box.

I have a bit more playing around with it to do, 8 plan to really put it through some torture once I get it back together and let you all know how it goes then.

2013.08.31, 12:56 PM
Still messing with the Sumo, got it back together after a full teardown. This little rig is a tough bugger to get back together but once you stare at it for an hour or so, it starts to come together. Has a few operations that require a few extra steps like forgetting one part and having to go backwards in the build to get to it.

So, finally got it setup to what I thought would be good for RCP, setting the diffs up is a complete pain though. My truck was basically front wheel drive because that diff seems to just hook better. I am planning to remove the front diffs spider gear to try it out as a RWD because the front has too much bite. I have a feeling that once I do that it's going to be pulling wheelies non-stop.

All this work and I'm still having fun with it, the 180 motor is fast but manageble. It is still a badass little truck in my book but I don't think it's what we want for a box-stock class.

The search goes on... I think I'm just gonna start looking for small on-road racers again, around the 50 dollar range or just hope that the Xmods come back in 2.4ghz.

2013.09.04, 04:37 PM
the 15th and 22nd are good for me for this months date? i have a friend who wants to join and watch. plus i had shown a friend of mine the BRZ mini-z and he went and bought a RTR to match his car!! maybe i can drag him along too

2013.09.05, 10:46 AM
Ok, anyone else have a date in mind?... hello?

Quiet in here again... :confused:

2013.09.05, 09:46 PM
i hear crickets! :D

2013.09.10, 08:02 AM
Any Sunday in Sept works for me.


2013.09.10, 04:09 PM
So, I'm still gunning for the 22nd... another event just popped up for that day but if I would have to leave for a little bit during the day, I'm sure I can trust you guys with the house. Still in discussions but Gordon said he could make the 22nd too so I will post up the new thread tonight.

Reminder guys... please take a few seconds out of your day to help advertise our club and post up on RC Tech about us! I have two threads on there, one in Track Locator:


and one in Mid-Atlantic thread:


If you guys post over there, I sound less like a crazy guy with an imaginary race club!

2013.09.10, 07:10 PM
But aren't you a crazy guy anyway?:eek:

Found out today that I spun a rod bearing in my HHR. So I either find someone to fix it or do it myself for cheap. Or save up and put a used motor in for around $2500. This also means I have no wheels to go anywhere for racing. My son is using my mom's car to get me back and forth to work and also to get to classes and while this arrangement works...it is a PITA.
If anyone knows of any cheap wheels for sale pm me as I need a beater to get back and forth to work...1K or less...

I'll be putting up a bunch of stuff in the marketplace the next few days to raise some cash as ya'll well know I have alot of equipment just sitting here collecting dust...lol

Thanks guys,

2013.09.10, 11:56 PM
The voices in my head all think I'm perfectly sane... I can't argue with all of those guys.

Quinny's got a few beaters... maybe he'll part with one? Maybe even work a trade for some gear?

C'mon Quinn... How many rust buckets do you really need in your driveway? :p

2013.09.11, 04:35 PM
well my one rusty car is my driver everyday!! unless you want a saab that doesnt move or a trans am with no motor!! thats your choice!!!

2013.09.12, 11:48 AM
My bad, didn't realize that 66% of your stable turned into lawn decorations. :rolleyes: What about that old Cherokee pickup?

2013.09.13, 03:53 PM
that i still have but has a ton of my dads old stuff in it and needs insp, battery, and to bleed the brakes to even move!! if my dad says i can have it im selling it to a guy at work, cause he already has a comanchee!!