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2013.08.08, 08:23 AM

my awd mini-z seems to be very glitchy whenever I have a fully charged battery installed. By glitchy I mean the steering will move left & right frantically even when I'm only inputting throttle (and its off the ground).

It gradually goes away once the battery drains a bit, but it'll always glitch if I put full throttle, which is even more dangerous since the throttle would often get stuck/glitch for a good 2-3 seconds where it goes full speed and I can't do anything so it'll eventually hit something (made a few scratch on the gtr body :( )

Can this be fixed if I stack some fets? or am I better off getting new rx unit?
I have a mr-02 and I can say this doesn't happen with the mr-02...

2013.08.08, 12:56 PM
Have you tried a different motor?

2013.08.08, 05:04 PM
maybe a new set of brushes for the motor might help??

2013.08.08, 09:52 PM
try opening it up and check if there are any pinched wires (check the servo gear and servo motor wires) under the chassis. hope this helps. :D

2013.08.09, 10:24 AM
if it is a recent development for a car you've had for a while I'd go with suggestion 1 or 2....my ASF cars get super glitchy when the motor brushes are worn through

2013.08.09, 07:44 PM
Wow thanks for all the quick replies!
I believe its been like that since I bought it in japan 3 months ago.
I've reassembled it to check the cabling.. seemed fine.
Didn't think of changing the motor, ill try that next.
I do see sparks coming from inside the motor but isnt that normal for a brushed motor?

2013.08.09, 08:08 PM
You get sparking even if one contact is worn through.