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2013.08.09, 04:17 PM

I need to share an experience so that everyone can be wary of ordering paint, decals and etc from Kevin Rodgers of the website stradasports.com

Almost two months ago I guy I raced with and I were chatting about getting a field of Japanese touring cars going for our mini-z club. I had expressed an interest in finding a site with a large quantity of options for the NSX, GTR, SC430 and the like for reproducing the SuperGT class.

I wound up finding stradasport and found a good collection of items that would fit the bill.

I placed an order mid June for some paint, decal solution and 2 decal sheets for myself and Mario.

About 3 1/2 to 4 weeks later i had yet to see any package or hear from the site operator so I emailed inquiring about my order.

I received an email back stating an item was on backorder and I'd have to wait a bit for all items.

Perturbed but not deterred, i asked if i could add to my order and then pay via paypal request.

I never got a firm answer about the paypal request and after a couple more emails of inquiry I received my package of paint (8 weeks later) but not the decal sheets which were the majority of the invoice total. I have asked about the missing sheets (if they are sent seperately) or a paypal return for the items not sent...

To me this experience hasnt gone down well with me...not only am I possibly out $40-ish usd (maybe he sent them separately but why?) but the lack of communication has troubled me greatly. If I ran an internet retail location I would do my utmost to keep stock availability updated and reply to clients queries.

i hope you take heed,


2013.08.16, 10:08 AM
Bit of an update:

I received an envelope in the mail this week from stradasport that was dated the same day as the email complaining about the lack of decals in my order.

Opened it this morning to find out that the two sets I paid for are not included but the one set I asked for after the fact is in the package.

This is moronic...the email I sent complaining about items missing even has the decal sheet parts numbers from his website.

Incredible lack of professionalism.