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2013.08.10, 12:53 AM
LeViteZer anti-roll front is a magnetic suspension system for Mini Z MR03 and VE. It can be used as it is on a stock plastic car but we suggest using it together with best available tower bars and knuckles.

Rune has provided a very good review on it ( http://www.mini-znorway.com ), the user manual can be found at ( http://www.levitezer.com/Support.html ) and some videos via the Video link at bottom of the LeViteZer home page ( http://www.levitezer.com )

LeViteZer magnetic anti-roll suspension system makes your Mini Z levitate trough the track faster than ever.

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2013.08.10, 08:03 AM
I noticed that the upper arm magnet mounting screws protrude into the air space between the upper and lower magnets. Does this increase the overall rate of compression by decreasing available travel or is it more of a "fine tuning" aid? Additional magnetic mass as opposed to magnetic power?

2013.08.10, 09:26 AM
The magnets can be installed in different combinations. There is a smaller and a bigger magnets for the arms. The smaller magnets can be also used at the chassis, below the arms.

Big magnets on the arms provide strong anti-roll effect with a more stabile and easier to drive car, small magnets on the arms provide more agile but more challenging to control car.

On the picture provided with the first post the screws are installed upside down compared to what we recommend at the user manual. It does not really affect the functionality any other way than making it easier to change the upper magnets when trying different combinations.

The attached picture is from the user manual it show some of the possible combinations.

2013.08.10, 09:41 AM
Thank you.

Is the lower plate ferrous or is there some sort of adhesive to retain the magnets? Is there any appreciable weight penalty if the plate is ferrous?

2013.08.10, 11:04 AM
It if ferrous, but very thin and does not weight much. Over all a LeViteZer Mini Z can be build very light, this is my 159 g brushless LeViteZer Mini Z before adding the necessary 11 g ;-)

2013.08.10, 11:33 AM
Just ordered on myself with the king pins, was very impressed with the videos.
I'll be using on my Mr03 with the reflex camber adjuster, really looking forward to this.

Great idea and well executed.

2013.08.10, 12:03 PM
Great to hear and thanks.

Notice though as Rune mentions on his review there is some limitations regarding usable caster and magnet configurations when using Reflex adjustable upper tower bar. If big magnets are used on the arms they can touch the chassis at some caster settings. When using the smaller magnets on the arms there is no risk of this and as Rune has shown it can be set up to work very well and some of our (ZRacers) best drivers use this kind of setup too.

We normally would though recommend starting with a normal (fixed) type of upper tower bar. It has no limitations with the magnet configurations and caster and camber can still be adjusted, though not as easily and on wide range as with Reflex adjustable tower bar.

2013.08.10, 02:04 PM
By using as an example Atomic or X-impact cambered knuckles in conjunction with PN castered upper arms any possible interference between the magnets and the crossbar can be minimized or eliminated?

2013.08.10, 04:59 PM
Normal caster settings will not cause any interference, i.e. the caster settings that are possible with PN MR3051WS or with similar upper tower bars, but extreme caster settings that are possible with Reflex racing upper tower bar will cause interference if bigger arm magnets are used.

Cambered knuckles can can be used as normally, but if one really wants to use the maximum caster Reflex upper tower bar can provide and bigger magnets, the chassis could be lightly modified where the bigger magnets would touch it, but we have not seen any need for such high caster settings.

Note: the lower arm measurements affect also both caster and camber. we have been testing with PN MR3052WS lower arm and similarly measured Atomic lower arm.

2013.08.11, 05:45 AM
About LeViteZer, the history how the LeViteZer anti-roll suspension was invented.

I was thinking one night how a well working anti-roll system could be build into a small car like Mini Z and did not invent anything useful but when I woke up next morning there it was, clearly in my mind and I immediately build an first prototype (see the attached picture). LeViteZer was originally just a magnetic anti-roll, a magnet on each arm pulling each other and springs below as normally. This provided the anti-roll effect.

After the first trials on track, it was clear that this worked quite well and I also realised that the springs could be replaced with magnets below the arms. They just needed to be poled opposite to each other as the magnets above where and they needed also to be poled opposite to the magnets above. This is how the LeViteZer anti-roll magnetic suspension works.

From this innovation it was still a long way to the product that is now available. It is much thanks to the support and encouragement of the fellow ZRacers that LeViteZer anti-roll system is now a product.