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2013.08.11, 06:41 AM
I thought to post some tuning tips here, for most part they are not invented by us. They are just tuning tips that we have found useful to be used with the LeViteZer anti-roll front. We welcome you to post your tuning tips here.

So the first tuning tip:

Though it may seem that camber can not be adjusted if a fixed upper tower bar is used, this is not entirely the case. Using shimming under the tower bar affects the camber and so does shimming the king pin. Shimming in these two places can be used to adjust the camber, within certain limits. See the user manual page 9 for more information on this. http://www.levitezer.com/Support.html

2013.08.11, 07:34 AM
Are you talking about static camber? Or camber gain through the arc of motion?

2013.08.11, 07:56 AM
I suppose both, i.e setting the average camber. On this kind of setup the camber will change when the wheel moves up/down as the lower arm is fixed.

2013.09.05, 06:05 PM
Balancing the car is important for the performance. front/rear balancing is done by sifting the weight and is matter of taste and driving style, but left/right should be balanced. LeViteZer front when shimmed right is usually well balanced, but the rear left/right need to be often balanced. Notice that rear affects also front balance.

There is many ways of checking the balance, but 4 scales is the easiest and most reliable I know. When balancing the car notice though that transmitter should be turned on so that front wheels are straight.

This video demonstrates how front wheel direction affects the balance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjkpxCw2I0M&feature=c4-overview&list=UU-bCA1kK2wn2tjdQkQegH2g

2013.09.05, 09:31 PM
I am totally in love with the set up using the original parts in the start here positions. With the Audi I trimmed .6 off my best and tonight I switched to the Mosler and got .2 more with no other changes. Impressive for me. There is still some fine tuning to be done but this is a really great accessory.

2013.09.06, 03:45 AM
Thanks, that is always good to hear and happy customers encourage us on what we are doing, and so there might be couple of new LeViteZer accesories by the end of the year...

2013.09.11, 02:17 AM
This one is not really a tuning tip but can help a great deal when tuning and becoming a better driver. I have still plenty to work on the later and I just love developing and tuning Mini Z.

It is about the driving lines. Making a video of the driving and analysing it helps a great deal but making a image of the video brigs a different perspective to it.

The first image shows one lap and two cars on the track. I am driving the yellow car. I had some rear grip problems, but non the less easy to see that there is plenty to improve for me.

The second picture is couple of laps at Zracers season opening GT mod A-final, just for fun.

2013.09.17, 09:59 AM
Here are the fastest lap driving lines on the current Zracers track. 9.570 is really fast on this rather long track. The driver is Tuomas with his LeViMod (LeViteZer GT Modified) car.

2013.10.03, 08:19 PM
what tips do you have for use on a narrow setup?

2013.10.05, 01:16 AM
LeViteZer front suspension arms have been designed to be used on wide setup only. This does not however mean that it could not be used on Narrow setup but probably this would need some heavy modification to give enough clearance for the magnets and suitable anti-roll strength. Have you tried them on narrow setup?

2013.10.05, 06:58 AM
My guess on this would be to go to the smaller magnets on the arms to reduce the anti-roll effect caused by proximity and move the larger magnets to the base plate to maintain the overall spring rate. Looks good on paper, anyway.

2013.10.05, 10:27 AM
Would be interesting to hear if someone has tried the narrow setup. I have actually not even seen a narrow setup, any kind of and do not know anyone who would be using it.

In general I would advise to use the wide setup and small offset instead of narrow setup and big offset, when possible. It is better to have the pivot points as near the wheel centre as possible. Some bodies could of course require the use of narrow setup. I will look if I can find a narrow tower bar and see if it would work directly.

2013.11.18, 12:15 PM
At PNWC I saw quite many cars with tri-damper and all of them with a damper plate? Most drivers at Zracers use tri-damper without the damper plate, but instead we use kyosho 5000 or 15000 grease on the dampers. Works great.

But there is one trick. The dampers usually do not move totally freely out of the box. 1 mm drill is useful for opening the air channels and 2 to 2.1 mm drill for cleaning the plastic parts.

2013.11.19, 05:21 PM
Are those the trp foam tires on that car???

2013.11.20, 02:08 AM
They are normal rubber tires, but we use almost always slicks well glued to the rims. If the car flips CA also on the outer edge of the front wheels. If not enough grip, breaking the surface with tire truer helps.

2015.03.23, 01:36 PM
About tires, something that fellow Zracers wrote some time a go. If you have not seen it yet, it is worth of reading.


2015.03.23, 07:20 PM
About tires, something that fellow Zracers wrote some time a go. If you have not seen it yet, it is worth of reading.


Thanks...always appreciated. :)