View Full Version : Ball diff Vs LSD

Black RX
2013.08.17, 02:42 PM

can anyone explain the different of usage between those 2 ?

i dont understand how ball diff works and what is the purpose of using it.

but i do more or less understand about LSD Limited Slip Differential. LSD is activated when certain minimum torque applied to the drive shaft or the wheels. then LSD is activated, it will limit the difference of rotational speed between left and right wheel. So even when one wheel is lifted of the surface because of body roll, the remaining wheel will still have torque and power to rotate.

so is the purpose of using Ball diff is the same as LSD as to limit the rotational speed difference between left and right wheel ?

can anyone give me some enlightmen please :)

2013.08.27, 06:35 AM
Does this help?