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2002.08.12, 12:31 PM
Just wondering how many of you are going????

The Thunderer
2002.08.12, 12:36 PM
Originally posted by MaukaRunner
Just wondering how many of you are going????
I can't... but I did get a chance to see the track (propped up against the wall) last Thursday. It IS kinda small...!! No WAY you can really get up to speed there... ESP. with NML and Mini-Zracer.com motors.

Oh, I also got to see Sandy Flemmings and Ace..... R/C spots in Pearl City. KEWL! I LOVE it that I finally found those places for my Micro addiction.

2002.08.12, 12:47 PM
were you there for this past saturdays micro race? i ended up killing the field w my 3500 chassis. another person had the LM version, but i ended up beating him by about at least 4 laps (not sure on the final results. the chassis is awesome, but now i gotta put a stiffer rear plate to get the back to rotate better. i had turning problems. the flemings results are posted at
can't wait for them to have a real mini-z track now with a real race. b

ps. all my brushless items arrived today. time to make my micro catch air.

The Thunderer
2002.08.12, 01:22 PM
Nah, I wish! I was only there on Thursday... talked to that Jimmy guy over there and literally talked his ear off. I was so excited at finding a place that caters to our Micro needs. They're still getting some stuff in, so that's GREAT! I do enjoy ordering online... and OFTEN, the prices are better, but if I need "a fix" RIGHT NOW, I know that I can have it!!! :p

GREAT job with your Penguin. I have one also, but have no one to "play" with here in Hilo, so if I ever do get to race, I'm sure that I'll be very AMATEUR :o :o :o. LOL!

2002.08.12, 02:01 PM
Hey Thunderer, did you notice if they have taken off the globs of glue on the hobby co. track? With the condition it was in a couple weeks ago, I dont think a race will be very exciting. Actually, even if they clean it up, like you said, it is pretty small.

As I mentioned before, we only had x-speeds and couldnt get past half-throttle, and that was for about a second. Might want to dust-off your stock motors and bring them with you, just in case.

Some guys from our office might go down. We're not sure yet (depends on work...). Hope to see you guys there!

2002.08.12, 04:04 PM
hey. you should try to schedule your net trip with a micro race. it is awesome because you can open up your big block for a few seconds. if you co go back to oahu let me know. we race our micros at our own track we make at least once a week.

yeah, jimmy is making a team epic micro. (if i remember correctly) i think his car will be fully fully fully decked out.

there is also burt who is also making a epic car.

yep, i am just waiting for a nice mini-z track. maybe i'll try my mini at the hobby co track. i gotta get the car tuned though. it cannot handle for beans right now. my mini-z SE motors just came in, so i can try them out. b

The Thunderer
2002.08.13, 02:22 AM
The next time I can get over there, I'll let you know... I'd really like to get into a race there!

As for Jimmy's micro... that will be one KEWL machine... but I've got an EXO too (Penguin for the 140mm WB and EXO for my 150mm WB). When my IPD comes in, I've kinda made up my mind to make it up out of spare parts until I get the other two situated... then I'll start hopping it up. I think I've got enough parts to make a third complete micro already!! TOO KEWL!

Let me know about that hacker, K! Thanks!

2002.08.26, 05:00 PM
So, does anyone have any results or comments about the race? Did it even happen? What about the prizes?

Im just curious since I didnt have a chance to check it out.

The Thunderer
2002.08.26, 05:02 PM
I also missed it as I couldn't get away from what I was doing... "Family Camp". I thought about it though... I hope everyone had fun!