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2013.08.25, 06:48 PM
Looking to see what others are doing with wiring for their brushless setups.

here is what i did.

i used a zip tie to hold the wires in place and a flat head screw driver to press the wire down into the slot as i heat it with the soldering iron. this worked great in giving me 2 free hands to work with and keeping 3 wires aligned.

has anyone unsoldered the PCB to see if the board has slots for the tabbed ends the stock cables have? i was a little surprised to see that.

oh, high praise for the PN wire, PN Racing Mini-Z 22AWG Silicon Wire (Orange/Yellow/Blue @3ft) Part Number 700122. the stuff is flexible, sheathing doesn't melt and solders easily.

anyone able to tell me what connectors are being used by kyosho? i only ask because if you directly solder to the board it's a pita to get all the parts on and together with short leads. it's not the easy job the 130 motors make it out to be. i had to redo mine 3 time because i either forgot to get a part on the wires before soldering or got something on in the wrong direction.

2013.08.25, 08:48 PM
I think you pretty much got it. And agree, excelent PN wire.

2013.08.25, 09:59 PM
Looks good but I find having the wires soldered to exit straight back from the chassis works better. You do need to cut the little nib off the chassis to do it but that is no big deal. Super flexible wire is key so there is little or no tweak added. The connectors are a nice convenience but take up so much space I have removed them.

2013.08.25, 10:02 PM
Ya same here. Forgot to mention doing this way.

2013.08.26, 02:16 AM

2015.05.19, 01:36 AM
Off topic a bit,may I know the max KV that MR03 VE can support?
I change my motor to 12000KV,the FET get very hot eventhough at no load.