View Full Version : MR-02 power light goes on then off. Car runs then stops

2013.08.31, 04:06 PM
Thanks in advance for any help with following problem. Have recently bought a second hand modified MR02. It has a FET upgrade with 32 Turn motor. It is fast on the track. However it has developed a "start then stop problem". It will run for a few minutes then stop. Sometimes just a nudge or "tap" will get it going again but other times you have to wait about 30 mins for the red power light to come back on again. At first I thought it was a battery connection problem however more exoerienced guys at my local club totally stripped it back and checked all connections. When they put it all back together it worked beautifully for 30 mins but then stopped again.
Any advice on a systematic fault finding procedure ?

2013.08.31, 04:19 PM
have you tried a different motor? I have found on some boards i have gotten a heat overload and shutdown even with upgraded fets...maybe the motor is enough load to cause the board to a thermal shutdown.

Good luck.

2013.08.31, 04:24 PM
hi thanks..yes I was thinking of this. I am going to replace the 35t motor with 70 t and see what happens...will post result..I did notice motor got super hot ...thanks

2013.09.10, 04:49 PM
Thanks cowboysir
Turned out to be the negative battery connector wire solder had broken. It sometimes touched which allowed power but when knocked on the track it did not. I guess with intermittent power problems always double check the connections !

2013.09.10, 10:02 PM
nice to hear you got it fixed... kinda had the same problem... during a race.... a looong time ago... it was in an f1 race, and my car lost power and i had to coast it to safety... sadly a dnf... :(