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2013.08.31, 10:51 PM


Date & Time :
Saturday, 7 Sept 2013 : 09:00AM - 07:00PM : Pre Qualification & Qualification
Sunday, 8 Sept 2013 : 09:00AM - 04:00PM : Qualification & Main

Venue :
3rd floor, Mangga Dua Square (http://www.manggaduasquare.co.id)
Jl. Gunung Sahari No 1 Jakarta Utara 14420
google maps (http://"https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Jl.+Gunung+Sahari+No+1+Jakarta+Utara+14420&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=39.916234,86.572266&vpsrc=6&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Jalan+Gunung+Sahari+No.1,+Pademangan,+Kota+J akarta+Utara,+DKI+Jakarta+14420,+Indonesia&t=m&ll=-6.127775,106.835604&spn=0.012268,0.021136&z=16")

Short Rules:

Race Class:
Stock Class (PN 50T) and Open Class ( any motor bushed & brushless)

Race Format:
1 x 5 Minutes - Pre Qualification ( 1 Best Lap )
3 x 5 Minutes - Qualification
3 x 8 Minutes - Main (2 Best Final for A Main)
2 x 8 Minutes - Main (2 Best Final for B Main)
1 x 8 Minutes - Main (1 Best Final For C, D, E, etc Main)

STOCK Class: PN Racing Mini-Z PNWC Bushing Motor 50T (part no.113250) with Sealed.
No illegal tampering is allowed. All motor must be in the Original can, Original armature and magnets
Racers are allowed to break in the motor and apply comm drops before, after or in between runs.
Both carbon and silver brushes are allowed.
OPEN Class: Any motor brushed and brushless

Kyosho MIni-Z 27Mhz/2.4Ghz ASF / Ad band
RV Project Fine-Tuned unit board
Changing or stacking of FETs is allowed

2WD, AWD (90mm to 98mm wheelbase)
MR01, MR02, MR015, MR03, MA010 and MA015 Only

Kyosho Mini Z, R246 and TRP Scale Body Only
All windshield and window must be installed
Pan Cars, Le Mans, Lexan GT Bodies are NOT ALLOWED

Any type of bearing by any manufacturer is allowed.

Cars must be powered by four AAA batteries, Alkaline, Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd battries only. No other types of batteries are allowed.

All brand plastic and aluminum rims are allowed.
Maximum front wheel width is 8.5mm.
Maximum rear wheel width is 11mm.
Maximum wheel diameter is 21mm.
Rims must fit within the width of the car body.

Any Brand of rubber tires may be used.
No form tires allowed.
No silicone tires allowed.
No tire insert or traction compound allowed.
Tire warmers are allowed.

Drivers may use any Kyosho or aftermarket parts available.

Minimum weight (170g)
Max wheel base (98mm)
Max car length (180mm)
Max car width (80mm)
Max car height with wings (45mm)

Lap Counter

Track information
RCP Kyosho track surface
Clockwise direction

Registration Fee:
first class : IDR 200000 including dinner, lunch and T-shirt
both class : IDR 350000 including dinner, lunch and T-shirt

Let's join the race and get your lucky day... :)

For further enquires, do not hesitate to contact :

ITC Permata Hijau, 2nd Floor,Blok A10
Jl.Arteri Permata Hijau

E-mail: tokorc@gmail.com
Telepon: 021 53664608
Faks: 021 53664609
Ponsel: 08119911215

2013.09.11, 11:56 AM

http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/1231191_321159511362490_979229183_n_zpsc07b53dd.jp g

The Mini-Z Indonesia Open 2013 was held in Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta in last weekend. With a competitive 70 entry from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.S. the meeting was run in a Stock 50T and a Modified class. Saturday saw two qualifying rounds with a single controlled practice before qualifying. The Stock class was TQ’ed by American Mini-Z Legend, Grant Matsushima who recorded 22 laps in 5:01. Local ace, Bowie Ginting was the closest to Matsushima and only 4 seconds behind. Malaysian Jason Wong secured the 3rd spot, 5 seconds behind Bowie. Alvin Lim (Singapore) and Jeff Cheong (Malaysia) followed closely to complete the top 5. The Modified class TQ went to Dave Tang from Singapore who outperformed Grant Matsushima with Bowie, Tri Hariyanto (Indonesia) and Philip Ng completing the top 5.

http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/1267229_10151762817367550_1118188252_o_zpsc4bd329f .jpg
The first leg of the Stock finals was in Matsushima’s hands. He built a gap on the pack right from the beginning and around the 3 minute mark Dave Tang succesfully passed Bowie At the end Matsushima won the first leg with a one lap victory from Dave Tang and Bowie Ginting. The second leg was a similar story for Grant as he could run away from the group, building a 5 second lead over Bowie and Alvin Lim and held it until the finish line to secured the Stock class championship title. With Matsushima being absent in leg three, Bowie now enjoyed clean air and he was able to score the final leg win 5 seconds ahead of Alvin Lim and Dave Tang. This meant Grant Matsushima would be sidelined by Bowie Ginting and Alvin Lim on the Stock podium.

Stock Class Top 10 result :
1. Grant Matsushima
2. Bowie Ginting
3. Alvin Lim
4. Dave Tang
5. Jeff Cheong
6. John Robby
7. Henry Ng
8. Jason Wong
9. Akai Lim
10.Tri Hariyanto

http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/1234049_321159968029111_1046181535_n_zps336819fb.j pg

The first leg of the Modified class saw a very close battle with Matsushima taking the lead from Dave Tang as Philip Ng made a superb start to pass Bowie. Several errors from Matsushima let Tang pass on and also Philip was able to overtake Matsushima. Tang did everything he can to hold the lead from a very strong Ng and he ultimately secured the leg 1 win. The second leg was opened by a bad start from Tang, letting Matsushima and Bowie by. Matsushima could extend the lead until he got into issues with a backmarker which cost him a broken wheel in leg 2. Philip was able to pass Bowie who ran slower minute by minute due to a diff issue and finally he also passed Tang at the end. Leg 3 would now be the decisive run. Bowie made a wonderful start to pass Tang and Matsushima in the second corner. Matsushima pushed very hard but made some mistakes letting Philip taking the 2nd place as he started to haunt Bowie. Philip successfully passed Bowie who made a mistake but an error by Philip let Bowie taking the lead again. Meanwhile Matsushima scored a blistering track record, 12.746 seconds and he soon after joined the lead battle. With two minutes to go, Matsushima hit Ng who was in second and this let Bowie spread the gap even more ultimately taking the leg 3 win. So the result handed Philip Ng the Modified class title followed by Dave Tang and Bowie Ginting.

Modified Class Top 10 result :
1. Philip Ng
2. Dave Tang
3. Bowie Ginting
4. Grant Matsushima
5. Jeff Cheong
6. Frederick Chia
7. Tri Hariyanto
8. Alvin Lim
9. Henry Budiman
10.Keith Lin


http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/1275875_10151761244252550_805174284_o_zps4381b706. jpg

http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/1040355_10151761244172550_22225201_o_zps0386766c.j pg

http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/1267848_10151761236027550_1041239666_o_zpsa99a82b8 .jpg

http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/1272846_10151761242687550_1591338204_o_zps74ef2012 .jpg

http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff69/cheriesland/970603_321160191362422_1842688736_n_zps46440933.jp g

*source : Redrc and Bowie Ginting

2013.09.11, 10:12 PM
great write up...
i had the pleasure of meeting some of the drivers over the years...
congrats to champs grant and philip (pn racing / kennon - usa)....
also to dave tang and alvin lim (of atomic collective - singapore)... did fred go? didn't see him in the pics...

special mention to forum member ub0211042 (aka hadi - from malaysia) for podium finish in stock and open class c

i've also seen that some of them passed by h.k. on their way home... :D

looks like nice big turnout in indonesia... at least i now know that there's someplace to go next time i go back... (i've heard that you need a million bucks to run a mini-z over there 1us$ = 11,320rp) :D

any other racers from the forums go?

i've read that there's another race... mini-z world championship in thailand... :D
tmwc (thailand mini-z world championship) october 26-27, 2013--->
anybody going?

2013.09.12, 12:47 PM
Hi Herman.. Yes we have plan to go to TMWC 2013..

2013.09.12, 09:42 PM
great, i'll be looking forward to reading your write up... :D