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2013.09.01, 01:02 PM
Eneloop used to be the only choice for LSD cells. with what seems like everyone joining the LSD wagon, what are the best of the best and best bargin? the answer to both is seldom the same. :p just a few brands available... there is an enormous difference in price range

Duracell StayCharged
Energizer Universal LSD
PowerEx Imedion
Rayovac Platinum
Sanyo Eneloop
Sanyo Eneloop XX
Tenergy LSD
Tenergy Centura
Turnigy LSD

2013.09.02, 09:07 AM
Just picked up some AA Rayovac Platinums from Walmartianville, 8 cells for $13? I thought they priced them wrong. I'm thinking they're similar to the old Hybrids that they tried a while back but they are Nimh cells? Charged up just fine, into the controller they went.

Heh... Lsd... Trippy man.

2013.09.02, 10:21 AM
not a bad price and looking for good tx cells. i'll have to check my local walmart to see if the price is the same.

wondering if the price for eneloop is worthwhile given the flood of other LSD cells on the market. do LSD cells perform as well as normal NiMh? best to invest in cells that will hold charge longer as i race twice a month or bulk cheaper normal NiMh and have the usual drop off in the lot?

2013.09.02, 12:14 PM
I've used the eneloops and the Duracell equivalent. Eneloops are awesome in my opinion. The Duracell's vented after a couple of charges. The others you speak of I have no clue. The aaa's gave good punch with a slow smooth drop. I think they lasted two or more years and that's when I raced and practiced a lot. I'm still using the AA's in my transmitter for almost four years now and still going. Now that I said that, they're going fail big time.

2013.09.03, 08:31 PM
I've been using Eneloops for everything. I have sets that are over 5 years old, including the ones I ran last month. They are great for transmitters. They don''t lose their charge like regular Nicad, NiMh or Li-ion.

2013.09.04, 01:11 PM
anyone know where the best price for eneloop's can be found besides Costco?

also read on many other sites the Duracell StayCharged white top tabs are relabeled eneloop.

2013.09.04, 04:23 PM
I'm a big fan of the Eneloop XX cells in my Z's, performance has been very good so far and I expect to get a large number of charge/discharge cycles out of the batteries. They aren't the cheapest cells but if they work the best and last a long time they are totally worth it.

2013.09.04, 09:46 PM
anyone know where the best price for eneloop's can be found besides Costco?

also read on many other sites the Duracell StayCharged white top tabs are relabeled eneloop.

Walmart used to sell eneloops but I have no clue who else does. Yes the white top Duracell's are eneloops.

2013.09.06, 10:49 PM
I get mine on ebay or Amazon. Make sure you get the latest version.

2013.09.10, 05:32 AM
I've tested all sorts of low discharge batteries and so far nothing beats eneloop. Not only do they last longer, they actually give slightly higher "punch" in the car. My lap times are always slightly quicker with the eneloops (even after 10 mins of running).

Also one interesting thing to note is the weight... I've weighed the eneloops, Turnigy etc and they eneloops always come out lighter (another contributing factor to the lap times and punch)

2013.09.10, 01:21 PM
It really seems only the true Eneloop cells offer the best performance in an LSD cell. In the AAA size you have three to choose from, the regular Eneloop, the highest capacity - Eneloop XX and then there is Eneloop Lite which has less capacity but also weighs less. The Lite version specs indicate a slightly higher internal resistance but I've had good results with them in the testing I've done. For now I am using the XX cells for racing.