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2013.09.05, 07:20 PM
RC.P.Sanda (http://rajitensanda.blog73.fc2.com/) has images of this new AWD chassis up on their website. they even have a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RI96JaVJyi8).

This AWD MA-020 is! ! ! ! The front part is made ​​to the suspension system of the MR-03 as well, from knuckle of vertical movement of the traditional, I have evolved significantly. ※ There is also a prototype parts, no common parts with 03. Since the narrow, you can choose the wide, main chassis is another part and the front part. First is a comparison with the MA-015, which only the difference when it becomes wide. So Yes △ ※ ◇ other details, and in the shop. I tried to Tsu video.

2013.09.05, 09:36 PM
Good find.....not bad.:)

2013.09.05, 09:40 PM
The new front end looks good, but it seems to use the original servo/gearset. Looks like an easy upgrade to existing cars.

2013.09.05, 10:45 PM
Very nice nice find Arch2b

2013.11.19, 07:14 AM
Maybe the mods can make a new forum for the MA-020, I have already reserved one with my favorite hobby store, looking forward to this one!

Wonder if any of my MA-010 shells will fit....:eek:

2013.11.26, 11:05 PM
In the second image with the option parts, there is a brushless motor.

It makes me curious what board is drop-in compatible since the chassis in the first image looks much like it has a 2-wire brushed motor with capacitor.

2013.11.26, 11:50 PM
The VE board fits in an MA010 and that doesnt look any different other tahn the front arm design.

2013.11.27, 06:49 AM
wish they changed the whole chassis.

2013.12.04, 03:30 AM
Got an email confirming mine is on hold, picking it up tomorrow night!

Will be sure to post a bunch of pics :D

2013.12.08, 08:46 PM
Hey guy, here are the pics I promised.








2013.12.09, 02:47 PM
Nice pictures, thanks.

Is there a Wide (W) option for the front / rear? the front has parts labeled (N).

2013.12.11, 12:49 AM
Yes it includes the parts to set it up as wide.



Also a set of drift tyres. Worth noting too that it currently includes a Gyro too!

2013.12.12, 01:04 AM
Nice, really good that there is the wide option.

2013.12.14, 04:32 PM
So, to make the front end wide, the swingshafts must be rebuilt with a longer shaft? I wonder if it could have been done with some kind of insert into the diff cups to keep the same shafts.
What this means is that there may currently not be any aftermarket swingshafts for the wide front end.

2013.12.15, 04:21 AM
Yes, as far as I know there are no aftermarket upgrades for the front end at this point in time.

2014.01.05, 01:48 PM
@Clayracer: have you cracked it open yet? I ordered an MA20 and I'm wondering if the 1way and locked differentials I have for MA10 will fit the MA20. TIA

2014.01.05, 01:55 PM
they will fit. The Ma-020 is the same exact car just with an 03 style front end.

2014.01.18, 01:03 PM
Looking Great Looks Narrow.

2014.02.12, 07:20 PM
How many of you guys can confirm that your readyset included the giro unit at no extra cost? Thank you all for you kind reply!

2014.02.13, 02:21 AM
Can confirm. Was already installed in mine.

2014.02.14, 07:45 PM
Thank you Racer HH, what body was included in your kit? It is narrow or wide? Someone else has the giro included? Thanks again!

2014.02.16, 10:06 AM
I got the 32152SL MA-020 Citroen DS3 WRC2011 Body/Chassis Set from Banzaihobby. It came in 3 days (JP to NYC) so their shipping is superb. The gyro was already installed. I fitted it with a 3R one way diff in the front and a 3R locked diff in the back + an aluminum main shaft also 3R. I unplugged the gyro and I'm getting nice results even though I'm a total amateur. Really loving this AWD. I'm not clear yet on which bodies I can put on this chassis or rather which ones I would not be able to since it seems most would work with a bit of messing around.. same with wheels. I think I can only use MA-010/MA-015 wheels.

ps. this is a narrow body but all parts were included to make it wide. Oh and the car came with two sets of tires, one racing and one plastic set for drifting.