View Full Version : My first atempt

2013.09.07, 06:12 PM
This is for my son.


2013.09.08, 07:56 AM
Looks great. Love that body style.

2013.09.08, 09:40 AM
looks great! what paint did you use? for fine hand painted details i typically use the little bottles of tamiya flat black. testors doesn't seem to last as long sitting on a shelf as tamiya paints.

2013.09.08, 12:26 PM
I used Krylon Metallic Silver and Fusion flat black. The black didn't really stick and started coming off when i was gluing the small pieces to the body. I used a sharpie for the black details on the body.

2013.09.08, 01:34 PM
maybe it's the gloss finish. i typically use flat or satin finishes. you don't have much of a choice i guess for metallic colors.

2013.09.09, 08:19 PM
Actually, the silver stuck fine. It was the flat black fusion that didn't stick to the mirrors. I fixed it with a sharpie.

2013.09.09, 08:55 PM
The mirrors are a softer rubber and the paint doesn't stick well in general. I either leave them white or leave them off.