View Full Version : Unidentified Kyosho Mini-Z App?

2013.09.21, 09:29 AM
while browsing Kyosho's blog site (http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog/), i ran across this picture...

has anyone seen or read more about this? is this a smartphone app or a TX screen?

2013.09.21, 02:55 PM
isnt that a screenshot of a transmitter with its settings? with profile name mini-z ?
You can see it says TX next to the battery icon.

2013.09.21, 03:14 PM
any idea what TX?

2013.09.21, 03:24 PM
No idea.
But a translation below the pic gives me this:

It isn't the smartphone of the topic!
In fact, it is this, the interface of the transmitter.
While the transmitters of such a type increase in China in here these days
There is it.

... which was a report from China today

So it is a chinese transmitter I think.

2013.09.21, 03:26 PM
Got it !

I think, the icons look the same.

http://img.diytrade.com/cdimg/800889/11551354/0/1355390285/New_FS-iT4_2_4G_4CH_RC_System_Transmitter_Receiver_with_T ouch_Screen.jpg

2013.09.21, 03:38 PM
how on earth did you find that :p

2013.09.21, 03:55 PM
That is the latest FlySky transmitter that you can get through Hobby Partz.... $149. Fhss 2.4 touch screen w/stylus and comes with telemetry and all the sensors as well....

2013.09.22, 04:17 AM
how on earth did you find that :p

google: chinese RC transmitter ==> images
Its somwhere around the 8th row

What I cannot find is how they make them work with mini-z.

2013.09.22, 06:40 AM
i find it, .i have to ask.will this work with mini zs

2013.09.22, 06:59 AM
You can find them here as well : http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-it4-touchscreen-radio-orange.html

I had heard that there is a hack to get them to work with mini z's, but don't know what it is...

2013.09.29, 04:26 AM
Probably remove the stock 2.4 board and splice in an asf modual
The fs gear gets hacked to death as its such a cheap set-up people dont mind messing with them , some of the mods are crazy like makin the 10ch instead of the stock 3ch .
If its anything like the older models then i has bascily 2 boards so the frequeny is handled by one and the screen and input functions by the other

2013.09.29, 10:04 AM
I'm still waiting for a radio with the "win race" function/button. :rolleyes:

Actually, a "tune car" function/button" would be nice too! :D