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2013.09.23, 02:00 PM
Rewired 2 of my Mr 02 and one of my MA 010 to run Lithium ion AAA cell, iam on my cell phone so can't seem to up load the pictures. but in short rewired the cars to run in 2S 2P configuration and dremeled the positive ends on the battery trays and the lithium cell fit and you have 7.4 to 8.4 volts for you motor :) idont know how stock fets would do with that but I have double stack on top and bottom of mine. I tested the 02 and it ran well and lasted the 5min race and was able to use it for practice for at least another 5min that was with a pn70t motor. In short this is what mini z needs. I got the idea for the 010 from Atomic Mods(great read) and felt I could do the same for the 02 (even do Iam an awd man) I didn't like using AA strapped to my 02 (thats how Atomic mods did there 02). pictures to follow. Note: using this configuration you will need to place both positive facing the same direction





the red mark is to indicate how both batteries need to face on that side of the tray


2013.09.23, 06:52 PM
More pics for converting to lithium ion


that black piece of wire will be used to run in the front of the chassis to connect the batteries on left and right of chassis together

that small black wire on the positive tab will be soldered to the negative tab

drill a hole on both sides to run that black wire to make the serial connection

see the small black wire connected to the tab its the same on the other side

2013.09.23, 06:54 PM
More pics for lithium conversion


2013.09.23, 06:55 PM
Had to make some corrections the second way of converting the 2wd miniz worked but I think something is wrong with my wirring so I have to look at it again so i removed the pics for that. The first first way of converting works well

and last here is a video of my car running(courtesy of Roland Chow) I under geared to no be to fast, and turned down the high point. I was third on the start up. forgot to add the top guys had super matched batteries and did some work on their motors.