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2013.09.24, 05:27 PM

Thanks again for this fantastic forum. New issue....I have a secondhand Kt 18 transmitter that flashes all the time. At first I thought it was training mode...then I thought it was low batteries....Unfortunately wasn`t these issues.
Replaced batteries and reset to normal operation. Strangely it does not seem to affect anything...the car still goes well. I did have to take the controller apart a couple of times to realign the battery connection springs...maybe this has caused another problem ?

Thanks in advance...

2013.09.25, 07:33 AM
Have found the following response to a previous post by Rune...Norway Mini-z
This could be useful to try out...

"The contacts on the battery tray can be a bit loose and have bad connection.
If the transmitter looses power when driving, it could be getting contact again when you are in reverse. Then you are in training mode.
A longshot maybe, but its absolutely possible.

We have had several transmitters that looses power when racing. This always happens to the same guy, and with all KT-18 he gets his hands on.

He is a guy who more than once has ripped of the steering wheel when racing, and has cracked the housing on one radio.
My guess is that if you are a bit forceful when driving, you can twist and bend the plastic in a way so the batteries looses connection."

2013.09.25, 08:19 AM
Bend metal tab in battery pack up towards negative side of battery, should solve power issue.

2013.09.26, 02:25 AM
Thanks for your tip. I just tried bending coil to the negative. The light stayed on for 3 secs then went to flashing. I then put in new batteries. This time the controller starts in training mode every time. I did the normal reset action of turning off the power and pulling throttle trigger inwards. This works but only while the power is on. When power is turned off then on it reverts to "training" mode. It seems that the default has now become training mode.....how do i get it back to normal? Thanks in advance