View Full Version : calling best lap time in practice error?

2013.09.26, 05:13 PM
Recently got i-lap and installed zround which is a fantastic software for my needs. I love the practice mode where lap times are called out. However, my best lap times are never called out. This happens when best lap time siren switched on and i thought that this may be inteferring with speech, but no best lap times are read out even when best lap siren is switched off. Can someone please help me fix this? While it is great to hear my 'non best' lap times i would like to hear my best lap times read out.

Thanks in advance

2013.09.27, 05:35 PM
If you have checked the "Best own lap" and "Best own time" options ZRound should read out your times. See Events(2) into Speaker configuration page.

Are they checked?.


2013.09.28, 05:56 PM
They were not checked. But once checked worked beautifully!

Thanks for the prompt response. This is great software for mini-z racers, highly recommend it. :)