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2013.09.27, 09:37 AM
I would like to welcome CT-Motorsports to our forum. I visited the facility this past week and can say that what they have done so far is World class for carpet. The lanscaped track is complete with scale kitty litter in the run off areas(actually sort of like cob webs) that can trap the car if it enters too slowly. The drivers stand is complete with safety rail and stools for us old guys to rest on. The track itself is set up to create multiple configurations by moving some landscape to divert traffic. The added palm trees make it look like Bahrain. I understand that there are plans to create another track off the back side of the drivers stand to add even more to the overall experience.

Right now there is a limited inventory of Mini Z's but more will come as things progress. It is a full service shop for all scales with the current emphasis being on off road and larger scale drifting.

All of you expatriated Dade county(Broward too) small scale racers dust off your gear and give this place a go. You will not be disappointed. I wouldn't think twice of traveling from North Carolina to actually race there. The place is that welcoming. It probably doesn't hurt that the owner is related to one of our own.

I will try to get some photo's up after I dig them out of the camera so that all can see this facility. It is located immediately off I-95 at Hallendale Beach Blvd on the access road. The address is 2540 SW 30th Av. Pembroke Park, Fl. 305-936-1888 or online at www.ctmotorsports.com

All I can say is welcome Jorge Tabush to the forum. Thanks for doing what you have done.

2013.09.27, 10:02 AM
Facility looks great. Welcome to the forum :cool:

2013.09.27, 10:14 AM
Looks like a great place to visit and race. Will have to visit next time I am in the state.

2013.09.27, 10:44 AM
That isn't even showing the track I ran on. I guess Jorge needs to update. I will post my shots though as soon as I can.

2013.09.27, 10:58 AM
There are track Pics on their website

2013.09.27, 11:16 AM
As of Tuesday there was a drivers stand where the table top is on the off road track and the whole front area was a beautifully landscaped track running full width from left to right. The area where the brown Losi off road RCP is will be the second track while farther back are the pit tables. It is really quite a large area.

Right outside the large windows facing East is I-95 so if you get bored with racing you can watch the carnage and devastation that is that road most times of the day.

The other carpet track is down stairs on the main level and is I assume used for rentals and demo's.

2013.09.29, 12:10 PM
Hope the photo's help. Sorry about the quality. It looks a whole lot better in person.

2013.09.29, 01:44 PM
Very cool.

2013.09.29, 07:18 PM
Pretty neat track.:)

2013.09.29, 08:09 PM
It was a lot of fun to drive on. The only difficulty was looking at the scenery as you drive. Made some of the corners a bit more difficult than need be. I would think that you would get over that though.

Daddy Rabbit
2013.09.30, 07:36 AM
I will check it out, we will be in FL for three months this winter. :)
Track looks great. :D

2013.09.30, 09:21 AM
Deb took all the pictures. I wish she had gone to the far end and shot a couple. or went up front by the windows so the light was behind her.

As I mentioned earlier there is going to be a second track behind the drivers stand.