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2013.10.01, 08:44 AM
I did an event for Pepsi Canada the other week. They are a great bunch of people. I've done some events before with the public at large and I look at the poster who has covered their runnings at a mall.

I ran 2 cars a time, had 5 complete MR-03 kits with EX-5UR controllers and custom Ferrari 458 bodies.

It's the same old story I find: about half the people got frustrated with the cars within 5 min. The other half tried to get better. Out of that half, about 10% became "converts" and really wanted the fastest laps.

The cars needed no repairs other than making sure wheel nuts were loosened and most of the bodies still have mirrors on them. Actual running time for the event was about 6 hours total, done in 2 hours sprints. The fastest lap winner got a custom Pepsi stickered autoscale.

Thought I'd attach some pics of the cars I prepared for the event. LIke the MC3 stickers, I made them in photoshop and got them printed on both transparent and white sticker stock. The transparent stickers work great on white bodies whereas the ones on the white sticker stock are best for other coloured areas of the body or bodies. This was a slightly rush job as they only gave me 4 days notice to bring all this stuff together.

2013.10.01, 03:15 PM
more pictures of the bodies please :p

2013.10.01, 06:02 PM
Very nice! Good job.

2013.10.02, 07:44 AM
Thanks for the comments guys.

Arch2B: unfortunately, the bodies have been destickered already and kits were put up for sale.

2013.10.02, 08:37 AM
Awesome! it looked very professional :) Congrats!