View Full Version : Requests for $1.00 no reserve auctions

2013.10.03, 03:54 PM
Just curious, if I was to start a weekly no reserve auction for a mini-z item, what would you all like to see?

Autoscales? Beater Autoscales?
Consumables like Tires?
Hop ups like diffs, rear ends? Used items?

2013.10.03, 05:06 PM
be offering international shipping?

2013.10.03, 06:11 PM
Anything really. :)

2013.10.03, 08:03 PM
sounds good... like :)

2013.10.06, 09:09 PM
be offering international shipping?
That would mean small and light. So autoscales and full blown chassis are out.

So Would there be interest in used motor pods and used ball diffs?

Or brand new modified motors?

The thing is I need to sit down and really put some time into putting all my stuff up. Most of it will be fixed price but I want to offer something really awesome once per week that has no reserve.

2013.10.07, 12:19 AM
i'm looking for motor clips for kyosho rm motor mounts...
and an f1 front bumper...
and dummy chassis... :D

2013.10.07, 06:26 PM
I'm looking for an Enzo front body mount. :)

2013.10.08, 08:30 AM
This is geared towards the moderators. Would it be ok if I did a weekly "for sale" item that was basically an "best offer"?

The thread would be updated when I receive a best offers.

2013.10.09, 03:59 AM
so how do we bid? via pm?

2013.10.09, 08:18 AM
so how do we bid? via pm?
Yup, just PM an offer better than the most recently posted offer.
I just put up my first item.