View Full Version : New PN 70t motor to MR03-power problem-?

2013.10.12, 04:52 PM
I have just installed a pn racing 70t motor. While it was a tight fit I managed to install without having to shave off any of the plastic shims or top motor mount clip. Others said this may have to be done. Gears mesh okay.

Within 2 mins of operation both motor and the steering servo started to have an intermittent response. Turned the chassis upside down and it worked....?? Power light is permanently on....so no battery connection problem. The car will work for a few minutes then stop. Turn it on and off again and it works. Can you have FET problem with this low speed upgrade?

Thanks in advance

2013.10.12, 08:06 PM
check your TX batteries?

2013.10.13, 03:10 AM
Tighten up the screws to the power connection in the chassis battery contacts, or even better, solder them :)

2013.10.17, 04:12 PM

Thanks for replying. I did replace TX batteries and I did clean motor leads. However the problem was that I had installed a robotronic sensor for racing at my local club in Sydney HOBBYZ. When I put the body on it bent the receiver antennae down towards the sensor and interfered with the signal. Concentrating on the the motor install made me miss this situation...all is well!