View Full Version : MC3 initial feedback on new Atomic Mini-Z F1 S.C.S w/ V2. Motor Mount Upgrade Kit

2013.10.20, 05:44 PM
We just got these in and I tried one out this weekend.
I love F1s but they hate me. Usually I get frustrated with the customary tweak issue most F1s have and want to throw the car at the nearest solid item, like a wall. In fact, while our F1 scene at the track is strong, ive not run my car in a few months. We used to carry mantis stuff and their t-plate system was great IMO, except for the pain of changing cells. Half of our guys have changed to Li-Fe and now run brushless which if used wih the mantis system is not too bad as you can leave the cells in there and just change them in the chassis. Why I mention any of this is that this new system is a t-plate based system which keeps the handling and tuneability like the Mantis system but lets you change batteries easily.

The build was easy enough. The only minor gripe was that for the damper system, there is a screw which holds the top mount, where the shock goes through, to the bottom plate. You have to make sure not to overtighten or the damper system will not rotate. Not too loose or the whole assembly becomes wobbly.

I had to trim the body a bit to accommodate the top shock. This was due to the fact that I have a brushed setup and use the atomic round can which is bigger diameter than most motors, so had to move the shock mount up higher on the motor mount.

Handling out the box was good. After switching to the 8mm t-plate though, it was much better. The car ate up sweepers and chicanes like a pro. Overall, I would definately recommend this as an upgrade even though it is pricey in most people's opinion.

The only long term issue I see possible is that since the rear wheels are exposed, breaking T-plates through collisions is a big possibility.

2013.11.20, 06:12 AM
Nice write up.

How about the top damper. Is the "spring" good enough?
Easy to change?
Different type of "springs"?

Is it possible to use any old DPS or simular?

Someone said that atomic is coming with more T-plates, so I don't think this will be a big issue. But yes I also think they will break.

2013.11.20, 09:50 AM
regarding the top spring, we found it was too hard. we went with the PN side damper spring kit and used a really soft one. Without the change of spring, we found the rear end bounced a little.

2014.09.13, 06:49 PM
I am trying to fit this to my F1 but having trouble with the carbon plates(short). They seem to be a little big as it does not sit flush. Also the long carbon plate's holes does not fit the pins on the chassis.

Could you post pic of the bottom install? Thankyou.

2014.09.13, 06:56 PM
To clarify I am looking at the section away from the motor mount, pic attached