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2013.10.21, 06:25 AM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

we will be running HFAY #1 in order to get practice for HFAY S16 race 9 and 10 in November.

http://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.printablepicture.85c2d4cb7b728488.484641592 d747261636b2d365f7072696e74696e672e6a7067.jpg

2013.10.21, 06:32 AM
just a reminder this is this weekend :p

2013.10.21, 11:59 AM
Should make it to this race. Dragged my mini 96 with me to wva to get a little practice. Finally fixed one of my MR03's. Easiest replacement of the 4th gear in the servo yet. :o Might be trying a different body for the box stock race.

2013.10.21, 01:18 PM
Austin's car makes a compelling argument for non LM body:p i'm sure i'll switch it up in January. i get antsy running the same body for long periods of time.

2013.10.21, 06:27 PM
We are looking forward to this weekend.

2013.10.21, 08:09 PM
Austin's car makes a compelling argument for non LM body:p i'm sure i'll switch it up in January. i get antsy running the same body for long periods of time.

Actually I'm probably switching to another LM body since the rules are more relaxed then when we first started this. :D Got a Mercedes sauber C9 white body just sitting around doing nothing and I'm afraid of smashing up my orange Mazda 787 body. ;):D

2013.10.21, 08:38 PM
I've been looking for updated rules so I can understand what we can or cannot do. Does it exist or can you give me a summary?

2013.10.22, 12:09 PM
I'm not sure. It started out in the DC club as kyosho World Cup box stock rules, then the rules loosen up to what remnant is doing with their box stock rules. I know you can use your tires, bearings, T-plate and wheels of choice. And I think your allowed to use either the stock kyosho motor or PN 70 turn but I really don't know. All I know is that it went from kyosho box stock to somewhat stock. All I did to my car is put bearings and tires on it. Everything else is box stock.

2013.10.22, 07:46 PM
i posted the rules on the advertising banner that hangs at hobby works :p

the only options permitted that deviate from box stock are the following:
-allows ball bearings.
-allows non kyosho h/t plate.
-allows non kyosho rubber tires.
-allows non kyosho plastic wheels. wheels must be of same offset/width (wide/narrow) as autoscale used. it would be preferred if stock wheels are used however these are increasingly difficult to purchase replacements.

remnant does this and more:
-use of 70t motor
-use of option springs

2013.10.23, 08:40 PM
i got michael's car, the stock tires feel like a good match for his skill level so i tried to true them flat and they almost melted. :rolleyes: still need to wipe his 5ur clean so we can tune it to his car.

2013.10.23, 09:13 PM
I noticed that stock tires don't seem to perform as good as the same degree radial tires. Do you think that it is due to the tires not being flat?

2013.10.23, 10:08 PM
not sure. the trued portion is very tacky now. maybe they will break in or just need to be changed out. i've got tires for the car but wanted to try something ever so slightly harder. less wrecking with oversteer than over and he's going to be doing a lot of that. it's been some time since he's run on a track or anywhere besides the driveway.

anyone have 8 NiMh AA's that still hold a charge? the cells in his tx dump in less than a day. they have to be 6 years old at least.

is it bad to want to keep his car:o the yellow 599xx is a great looking car. almost as nice as white or the white 458. too bad the white or yellow didn't come numbered like the red and black.

2013.10.24, 06:44 PM
If Ian brings his daughter too, we can hold a kids' race.

2013.10.26, 10:28 PM
We had a great time. Thanks to everyone there.

2013.10.27, 08:05 AM
Thanks guys, Molly had a blast. Should have some less temperamental stock chassis on the way for next time (big thanks for the heads-up on that, K).

2013.10.27, 08:18 AM
thank you everyone for your patience. my goal is to get through the next one without any crying :rolleyes: michael at least told everyone he had lots of fun.

i'll keep a better schedule next time so we can keep some adult track time.

where was john?

i may be looking for another autoscale to run after seeing the 458, 599xx and evo.

2013.10.27, 09:11 AM
HFAY Track #6

Novice Stock Class
Austin-65 Laps, 8:06.30 Minutes
Molly-17 Laps, 8:30.02 Minutes
Michael-29 Laps, 8:35.87 Minutes

Stock Class
Bill-??, 8:05.27 Minutes
Raymond-84 Laps, 8:04.85 Minutes
K-71 Laps, 8:03.35 Minutes
Ian-52 Laps, 5:18.33 Minutes

anyone know how many laps Bill got? i wrote down the time but the lap number is chicken scratch. must have beens distracted at the time i was writing. i know it was many more than me.

2013.10.27, 09:43 AM
BIll broke his H plate and had a long pit stop. Ray, you were in first place.

2013.10.27, 11:48 AM
going back to our kyosho stock rules, h/t plates seem to be the only remaining variable. i don't like the idea of sticking to stock as you must buy a kit to get the stock plate vs. them being sold separately. that being said, if we want as level and common a platform, we can select a single replacement h/t plate that can be allowed as a replacement. anyone have thoughts on this? i don't want to be the rules dictator but develope something simple to implement, easy to understand and very affordable.

2013.10.27, 01:57 PM
I thought the rules stated any h/t plate.

2013.10.27, 03:15 PM
the current rules do allow for any manufacturer h/t plate. this issue is this is a departure from 'stock' rules as h/t plates are considered a performance option as you have various stiffness to choose from. the starting point was kyosho Mini-Z cup stock rules which only allow changes for bearing and tires only. as kyosho rules, they limit everything to kyosho parts only as well. i'm not interested in making this a kyosho box stock series as i don't want people buying needless kyosho stock parts sets because you can't get h/t plates separately. stock wheels are not easy to find and are more expensive than most aftermarket plastic wheels. this is why we have leeway in any manufacturer plastic wheels, tires, h/t plates. if we want to standardize the platform closer to box stock, we would pick a replacement h/t plate that everyone would need to use. this format has been done before so it's not unheard of.

this year was a big test for us to make a set of rules and see how they work practically. so far they seem to be working well, with the exception of the lock nuts which we've resolved. with 2 months left in the year, i'd like to work on any additional rule changes to i can reprint the advertising banner ahead of january 2014.

2013.10.27, 09:55 PM
I see. Have you though about how to enforce the rules? Is there going to be a tech inspection before the race? It seems like most replacement parts from Kyosho require you to by a package of parts to get the one you need.

I know I'm the new comer here but I feel this stock class should be more about fun, introducing new people to racing and keeping the cost down. You have the Hfay class for mod cars.

If the issue is trying to keep all the cars performing relatively close then you might want to consider a spec class.

My take on H/T plates is that they are like springs. You need different rates for different tracks and configurations. Our track is kinda bumpy, when we had Austin's car configured as a RM for his 911 it was hopping like a bunny down most of the track, this was with springs and h plate that came with the chassis set. If we standardize on one H/T plate then there's no way to tune out the hops since we can't use a disc damper or shocks.

I am ok with whatever the club decides but I do seem to have the bad luck of having something break each time we race. So whatever you decide, please make it low cost and easy to get.

2013.10.27, 10:12 PM
Given the size of our group and we all know each other, teching the cars is more of an honor system. We all try each others cars so much, we all know what each other is using as well:)

If there is any desire to spec a t/h plate, it would be something like atomic or PN 3. 2 is very soft and 4 is stuff so 3 would be a mid point. If everyone is happy with what we have now, no need to fix what isn't broken. I have a stock plastic plate anyway till it breaks.

Yep, stock class is a spec class by its nature and I think ours is set well. It's more affordable than HFAY and can be just as fun. I have to admit though, the enjoy the time hanging out with friends just as much as the racing.

You can tweak stock car with various oil and grease to change performance of stock springs, shocks, dampers which is perfectly within the rules. You would be surprised what can be done to a box stock car to get everything out of it. Stock classes used to be more popular around 2004. By 2008 mod classes were picking up. I'm glad to see a lot if clubs are picking back up stock style classes. I have HFAY for my need for speed and HFAY BTE when you want mod classes. I never kept a mod car going so never really participated in mod with a mod car. Now that I have a brushless that may change. Right now I have a lot of fun with stock, 90mm and HFAY.

2013.10.28, 06:57 PM
I tried a few of the PN T plates I got and none seem to fit well. They seemed a little oversized on the chassis side. I vote to keep it the way it is.

2013.10.29, 11:59 AM
I feel the same way. If I knew what carbon t-plate is the same as the stock plastic one I would opt for using that instead of a soft or hard carbon t-plate. That way it's still "stock" as far as the way it drives. Like the green springs in a kyosho spring kit for MR02's is the same as the box stock black springs that come with the MR02. I want to say the medium kyosho carbon t-plate is the same as the stock plastic one but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong. I would opt for one carbon plate that is the same as the plastic one handling wise. It doesn't have to be a kyosho one since you can't buy it seperately. Then that way it's an even playing field when someone who just a car and is box stock can join in and it being more fair.