View Full Version : New Custom Ride Height

2013.10.23, 01:47 PM
Check this out you should know how it works and no more need for Ride Height Spring.

Update: I have added C-Clip Droop Version.

2013.10.23, 08:57 PM
Check this out it should know how this will simply work and no more need for a Ride Height Spring.
I think I understand what you're on about. Do you envisage clearance issues with some bodies as you shim under the tower bar? Unless I misunderstand... you need a longer kingpin? Also I take it you will still need to shim under the knuckle to adjust droop?


2013.10.24, 11:34 AM
It is not designed for droop with the appropriate spring. It is designed for Ride Height if you have a Droop it will be permenate and you will either stick with the design or find a shim to add.

You can easily add the small c-clip ring to the base of each pole to add 1 shim for droop. It will depend on the thickness you want and it will go great with a suspension travel spring one that is a ring on the top and a cut spring on the bottom for suspension travel. I think it will all go together rather neatly.

I want this setup for the 1:18 scale as well that might be manufactered because I run those. I just happen to find this design while thinking up the 1:18.

2013.10.28, 03:25 PM
All you need is curved gear for the milky way standards of gravity backwards.