View Full Version : What aftermarket T-plate handles the same as the plastic box stock one?

2013.11.01, 01:57 PM
Our club is doing a box stock class and I was wondering what aftermarket T-plate would have the same or close handling characteristics as the stock plastic one? I was thinking either soft or medium carbon T-plates but not sure.

2013.11.01, 08:53 PM
preferably sold individually or at least not in a variety pack ;)

2013.11.01, 09:16 PM
The carbon plates are kind of stiff, even the thinness one. maybe a fiberglass or lexan one?

2013.11.01, 09:29 PM
My favorites used to be the atomic silver and blue carbon plates but they discontinued those. I currently run PN #2 on just about everything. Not sure any if these are approximate to stock.

2013.11.02, 05:59 AM
The issue with trying to compare any of them to stock is the fore-aft flex. Even the softest aftermarket is superior to the stock unit. As far as lateral motion goes it would probably be #3 FRP unit.

2013.11.02, 02:30 PM
I was pretty sure that would be the case. But nobody wants to use the plastic T-plate so trying to figure out which plate is the closest and everyone has to use it.