View Full Version : MF15 chassi body clearence

2013.11.06, 06:28 AM
will the new mf15 bodies Ferrari(MFB44)/McLaren(MFB104) clear a mounted Kyosho DPS(MFW16) system?

I have an older body and it needs to be butchered to fit the dps

2013.11.06, 09:48 AM
I can't say I had to grind it all of with my MFW16.
But then again I haven't tested it too much yet.

The DPS fits nice.

But I have don't some changes to my DPS.
I have mounted the main DPS plate underneath the steel bar and not on top.

http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp356/NoBrainerNoN/RC-miniz/2013-11-05215051_zps67c40df0.jpg (http://s427.photobucket.com/user/NoBrainerNoN/media/RC-miniz/2013-11-05215051_zps67c40df0.jpg.html)

It's not so easy to see.
But the metal bar that is screwed onto the main chassi goes OVER the DPS and not under it like the manual says.
This means that it's only the top damper that rubs on the body.
Only need to sand the body to make better room when mounting the body.

Then I have grineded the body so that only the top damper have enough room.