View Full Version : Something brewing?

2013.11.10, 10:55 AM
Is there something on tap for Mimi's on January11th? Heard it mentioned at the Carolina Cup event this past weekend. Thought they said Mini-Z but could be light bulb breakers.

Mike Keely
2013.11.10, 06:55 PM
Not that I know of. I don't think that she has the room anymore.

I think that Dwight is working on something for a spot in Glen Burnie MD. There is a shop in a mall that has 3 slot car tracks. I know that he is trying to get something set up at that mall. MK

2013.11.10, 07:17 PM
mimi is having a 1/10 buggy race that a few of us plan to go up to. not a mini z racing

2013.11.10, 07:55 PM
Oh well...

2020.03.12, 06:45 AM
Well, I don’t think it’s a surprise for anyone at to learn Mimi is once again resurrecting her Mini-Z program. With guidance from others, class/rules are yet to be determined I believe but hopeful that they will at least get HFAY into their program. I’m told the track space is similar in size to Remnant (3 Wide L) and obviously already had Kyosho products, carries Atomic, maybe getting PN and will be an official importer for GL products which is nice.

FYI, despite The Track being about 20 minutes from my place, I will continue to run Hobby Works program. Should the opportunity arise to participate at The Track, I look forward to doing so but will not interrupt Hobby Works program.

It will be interesting to see how this affects hobby Works, Remnant overall as we will very soon, have no less than 4-5 club locations within an hour of DC (RVA, Hobby Hanger, The Track, Remnant, Hobby Works). I am hoping that we can work towards more cohesive class/rules so that travel amongst us all remains simple. Right now, RVA has the most stringent rules that differ from the rest of us.

2020.03.14, 09:15 PM
Is this a resurgence in Mini-z interest for the DMV? Awesome!!! Perfect timing as I was about to buy some RCP. Didn't know Hobby Hangar was putting in a track as well which is exciting because it's the closest shop to me. Glad to see so much interest in the area.

Mike Keely
2020.03.15, 04:59 PM
It is surprising to see how the sport can change so quickly. Glad to see it.