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2013.11.14, 02:25 AM
A wide variety... I'll try to explain as simply as I can:

A "rack" gets you 6 plates, all varying widths.

A "40" gets you a standard 0.040 thick plate.

A "60" gets you an 0.060 thick plate (flex area only).

"BLK" gets you the mounting block built in to the plate's design.

All racks come in LM/MM and HM/RM lengths.

They're all in the shop, these have not been tested! I will be ordering my test sets this weekend and I will update accordingly!

*This is actually the second iterations of these plates, I noticed my first upload had an incredibly small symmetry issue I had to fix. I did take the liberty of removing some of the useless weight from the thicker plates while I did this change so if you saw the first ones, these will look a bit different.

Also, to avoid confusion I removed the mid-sizes from the shop. I will put them back up if I get requests. I can actually do any lengths that could be desired for these plates so if you have an exact measurement in mind, send me a sketch or a really clinical description and I could prolly whip a design out for you.

No fine print here, just the facts!
I am in no way, shape or form responsible for production or shipping or manufacturing quality of these products. All I can say is that it took 15 days to show up at my house after I ordered it and the quality is top-notch! Shapeways has an excellent record of part quality which is one of the major reasons I went with them for this stuff.

2013.11.14, 12:12 PM
nice :) i'll place my order before the end of the week for our upcoming stock class racing on the 23rd.

2013.11.14, 01:06 PM
PMed you... possibilities

2013.11.14, 01:12 PM
i was going to order LM MM, all 3 kinds. 6 of each is enough for all of us to test.

2013.11.14, 01:13 PM
Any MR02 plates in the works? :D Still have the ones you made years ago. They're good T-plates.

2013.11.14, 01:29 PM
i gave away the last of the lexan MR-02 plates ed made, yes, those were good :p

2013.11.14, 02:22 PM
Considering 90% of my cars are MR02s, yes... they will be up on the site very soon!

2013.11.15, 11:44 PM
Started on the MR02 design tonight and I noticed a symmetry issue with the first run... it figures that it propagated to all of the versions. :( A difference of .005 front to back, but if it isn't dead-on, I don't want to sell it! Nobody would ever notice it... but I do!

I am correcting them now and they should be back up sometime tomorrow. Sorry about the delay.

2013.11.16, 10:45 PM
Updated first post, the revised and reformed plates are back up in the shop now.

I have also added categories based on chassis and such to make it easier to shop the site.

2013.11.16, 11:13 PM
do they really take a full week to print normally? added them to my cart and estimated delivery date is first week of december with standard shipping :confused:

2013.11.16, 11:33 PM
do they really take a full week to print normally? added them to my cart and estimated delivery date is first week of december with standard shipping :confused:

I think it depends on how much is scheduled to go on the machines, with the holidays coming on and everyone shopping and testing, I'm sure their machines get pretty busy this time of year.

From what I've read, they nest all kind of parts in one print so your parts could be printed with all kind of other stuff. Keeps their machines runtimes more efficient.

I almost wish they would hold stock but considering how easy it is to delete parts and accounts from their site, I'm sure they don't want to be left with obsolete parts.

As with anything I order online, if I don't get it within a month I start sending cranky emails. They've never failed in that regard, I think the longest wait I had from them was 3 weeks.

2013.11.17, 09:17 AM
just surprised me for a print on demand business. not really timely when you order, print in 1-2 weeks and then delivery time. i'll have to order and hope to test with stock class racing in January.

did you happen to see the mr-03 plate design Fove has up for comparison?

2013.11.17, 12:21 PM
Had to do my own thing, I do like the "beamed" style though. I would nest mine tighter too but I only wanted to trim mine in one spot.

2013.12.24, 01:17 PM
sadly, just got around to placing my order :rolleyes: ordered both the 40 and 60 RM and MM sets for testing January 28th.

as i understand it, each rack has all the same? ie; a RM 40 is 6 of the same correct?

2013.12.24, 06:18 PM
A set gets you the same thickness, but all sets have 6 different widths.

So far in my brief test session, the .040s seem to be closer to what we are used to, the .060s seem a bit too stiff but I'm banking on them "wearing in" a bit more with more usage. This material has some strange properties... I'm still learning about it myself. The flex does seem to increase over time, also... Heat seems to not warp it but also makes it a bit more flexible. In my experimentations with the F1 sideplates, I've been toying with all kinds of hacks to get them more to where I want them. No real clinical procedure to document but I am getting results.

2014.02.17, 05:01 AM
At the suggestions of a hardcore racer and a fellow part designer, I have uploaded 3 new plate sets for the MR03.

If you've seen the previous sets, you know they come in 6 widths per set, these new sets will allow the buyer to get 6 of their preferred widths in one shot.

#6 being the widest, #4 being the thinnest (I skipped the last three thinnest plates because I haven't received feedback on them as of yet... other than my own)

I will be breaking up my other sets and you may see some older sets go into an "Archive" section of my shop very soon. I'm doing this so you can still have access to the parts that either haven't sold well or have newer versions available.

You will notice an extra hole in the these new MR03 plate sets... but it's not my business to discuss! ;)

2014.02.17, 12:53 PM
You will notice an extra hole in the these new MR03 plate sets... but it's not my business to discuss! ;)

Hey. Ed, It's O.K. to share the idea, but if you are not comfortable telling what the hole is for, then I'll do it for you, free of charge, of course.:D

I've set up my car with a screw at the last hole on the chassis since day one. There are two benefits of using this set up:
1): With that screw, I can eliminate the use of the shock and reduce some weight at the top.
2): T-plate of different width/thickness will have different flex, if you change your T-plate from a thick one to a thin one, you will notice the chassis will sag. With that screw, you can adjust the sag/pre-load, that in turn, also adjust ride height(just a tiny bit, don't go crazy here though). Without that hole, you may need to put back/ remove the T-plate a few time before you get it right. With a hole on the T-plate, you simply run your wrench thru the hole and make the adjustment.

Will a chassis setup with sag or preload handle differently? Well, it's up to u to find out.:D

Lastly, will I endorse this T-Plate?
What do you think what I'm doing here?:D

2014.02.17, 02:18 PM
Thanks Roland!

Huge thanks for the endorsement! :D

(and the tip... now the whole world knows! ;) )

2014.02.17, 06:59 PM
Still nice to have a "pro" endorse them. :)