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2013.11.19, 07:10 AM
Well, i'm very much looking forward to getting my hands one the new AWD. What do you guys think? any ideas on the shells? wonder if MA-010 shells will fit?


Old Crow
2014.04.19, 02:43 PM
Has anyone tried this chassis yet? How does it perform vs. the old setup? Will it fit more bodies due to the front end re-design?

2014.04.19, 05:04 PM
I find it much superior chassis compared to a stock ma010. In my limited AWD running I think The front end gives a much sweeter steering feel. The downside ATM is getting some appropriate damping since the front is much bouncier (doesn't affect the drive performance much).

The good thing about choice between the narrow and wide front is allowing for lesser offset wheels for wide bodies and eliminating suspension jacking on the knuckle.

Old Crow
2014.04.22, 07:17 PM
Thank you.

At the Wide setting, what is the width compared to the Narrow front setting?
For example the audi with the wide frontend, what offset are the wheels at the front. I'm trying to understand how much wider it is then the narrow, or original AWD front end.

2014.04.22, 07:57 PM
my calipers are MIA at the moment so with a ruler I can tell you the wide ma020 base is approx 5mm (maybe 6mm?)wider than the narrow ma020 base.

Old Crow
2014.04.22, 08:14 PM
I may not have explained what information I'm looking for clearly.

AWD Front Narrow wheels. On a MA-010, 2.5mm offset was the equivelent of 0mm on a MR-02, 3.5mm was 1mm on a MR-02, etc..

So if I put AWD 0mm front narrow wheels on the new wide frontend setting, MA-020, what is that equivelent to on a MA-010?

I'm trying, but I may still not be explaining what information I'm looking for correctly.

2014.04.23, 06:43 PM
I understand you now.

I don't think i can produce that information for you as I'm still using the narrow ma020 front track which is exactly as the ma010 width. I won't be swapping to a wide front until i decide on a body for usage with my awd (which takes a while because I seldom drive it)

I think theSteve would be a good person to ask about this width question...i do know he has the wide track set to his Audi R8GT body but the wheel offsets are an answer i don't have.;)

Old Crow
2014.04.23, 07:41 PM
I'm fairly certain I got my answer. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

The MA-020 Narrow front setting is the old "standard" width of the MA-010/MA-015. An AWD 0mm narrow front wheel, was zero offset.

The MA-020 Wide front setting with an AWD 0mm offset narrow front wheel is sitting at where an AWD 2.5mm offset narrow front wheel would sit on the old "standard" width.

2014.04.23, 08:27 PM
2.5 mm per side sounds correct.

Old Crow
2014.05.01, 08:13 PM
Now I'm really confused.

I got the new Audi MA-020 Chassis Set. It has 2.5mm Front Narrow wheels and 1.0mm Rear Wide Wheels. It says in the instructions that the rear has the wider suspension option(is this true, or is it a lost in translation situation?). So what is this? The MA-015 Audi Chassis Set was 4.5mm Front Narrow wheels, and 2.2 Rear Wide wheels. Is the MA-020 Audi Chassis Set at the equivilent to that? Or is this different? I'm just trying to understand the actual width of the MA-020, in the front and the rear, as compared to the MA-015. If anyone can explain, it would be appreciated.

Thank you

2014.05.01, 09:02 PM
Carl, not a good explanation but the 020 is wider in the front and rear. The new rear arms are wider/longer. The dog bones are longer...so less wheel off-set.

Old Crow
2014.05.02, 09:58 PM
Thanks Larry, you confirmed that the rear has longer arms, and therefore wider.

Still, if anyone has specifics, please post.