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2013.11.28, 06:11 PM
Hi guys, my buddy got one of the new MR-03 ready sets with the KT-19 radio, all going ok until one of the guys at the track offered him a deal on a used AWD.

It would not bind then I noticed the KT-19 has "FHS" same on the ready set MR-03 while everyone and everything else is ASF..

So I guess the KT-19 and newer ready sets are not ASF? Is FHS going to be the new standard? or just used for sports ready sets? Sure hope they don't drop ASF.. I just got an EX-1!!

2013.11.28, 08:07 PM
this is pretty well spelled out with the kits, websites, etc. the sports series and the moto racer use FHS 2.4ghz vs. AFS2.4ghz. the kt-19 the sports series RTR and moto racer are paired with will only work with the sports series and motor racer. i'm sure they may try putting the AWD in the sports series lineup at some point but it's way to early to tell what they have planned for FHS vs. AFS.

2013.11.28, 09:37 PM
ASF is made by KO Propp and the FHS is not, therefore not compatible. The new S-series are an entry level system with limited to no radio tuning adjustments.

2013.11.28, 10:52 PM
Seems like a really silly idea to me.. we have around 5 new guys all brought ready sets to get started and have been upgrading their cars etc... now some of them are thinking about better radios but have no options (stuck with the KT-19)

Lost sales opportunities here... the ready set is a great entry to the hobby yet its a dead end in some ways.. I guess the ASF system costs a little more perhaps.. but the trade of is getting your new customer hooked on the hobby then making them have to heavily re-invest to progress, some will but probably more wont.

2013.11.28, 11:00 PM
i agree and my major criticism as it's not really saving anyone real money in the long run. it gets them in the door at a lower price but as soon as they want to expand, they are hit with the high cost of a new radio and new PCB and or chassis set. the buyer is trading upgrade potential for initial cost investment.

kyosho could surprise us however and release an FHS version of the 5UR that gives proper tuning and model memory. i ran the numbers (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39313) here. for the time being, i'm staying away from the sports series.

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2013.11.29, 03:09 AM
maybe we can use this instead?


2013.11.29, 05:34 AM
maybe we can use this instead?


More then likely it could possibly work. Something they should of done in the first place. Instead of putting mini z in its own frequency they should of used an existing one. But then they couldn't make more money I guess. I just hope that this isn't the new standard for every mini z coming out. It should just stay in the sport series at least and continue making chassis sets that are still ASF. Or come out with a better radio or god willing the module in the pic will work. I don't want to go to a lesser radio then a ex-10.:( Or probably they realized that its cheaper and more productive to make one module to work with everything then make a bunch of different ones now with the economy being the way that it is. Hard to say.

2013.11.29, 05:10 PM

IŽve tested these FHSS module with my EX10 Eurus.
it doesnŽt work

IŽve also tested with other radios named FHSS (Sanwa etc.)
Nothing works

IŽll hope there will be a better transmitter for my bike in future :rolleyes:

Greetings from Germany

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2013.12.01, 09:39 PM
ok lesson learned. just because it has frequency hopping in the title doesn't mean it will compatible with each other

2013.12.09, 11:45 AM
ok, complete noob question here...be warned.....

I see the KT-19 only works with the sport series, is the sport series different from the MR-03's and MR-02's that are 2.4ghz?

I was considering getting into the 2.4ghz cars for me and my son, but the cost of the KT-18's have been a limiting factor for us, I found some KT-19's that were much less $, but if they wont work with the MR-02's or MR-03's then I will stay away from the KT-19.

please advise.



2013.12.09, 12:04 PM
There is a compatibility issue:

KT-19 only work with "sport series" chassis
KT-18 only work with "ASF" chassis (and VE models?)

If you're planning on ASF models I'd suggest looking for some KT-18's either in the Buy and Sell on this forum or fleaBay.

2013.12.09, 12:12 PM
VE series uses ASF board thus KT-18.

FHS board will only work with KT-19 (Mini-Z Sports Series and Mini-Z Moto Racer)
ASF board will only wort with KT-18 (and other ASF compatible transmitters such as 5UR, EX-10, etc.