View Full Version : Stock MR03 chassis, who has some in stock

Mike Keely
2013.11.30, 05:42 AM
We have some guys at our cub that need a new chassis. Does anyone know if Kyosho is going to sell the stock chassis anymore? On Kyosho's site they have a DIS in front of the title. Does this mean that it is discontinued? I see that they have the clear chassis, are these worth buying as a replacement? I know that the SP/gray chassis does not like motor spray, are te clear chassis like that also?

2013.11.30, 06:30 AM
Define motor spray. No issues ever with the Reedy performance plus. Nitro clean will eat about everything. CRC/ electramotive is a viable alternative as well. Reedy has gotten a tad pricey though.

SP 402 chassis comes up as DIS as well. Seems that clear chassis is currently the only choice.

2013.11.30, 10:08 AM
wonder if this indicative of VE/sports series taking over as they both share the same main chassis parts.

2013.11.30, 10:21 PM
They posted on the kyosho developer site a long time ago that they screwed up the original mould and that all replacement chassis for mr03 will be the brushless type. Fyi I have one of the original type in stock and once that 's gone. Thats it.

2013.11.30, 10:24 PM
ah, great memory. i recall reading a google translation on something of that nature as well. i believe it was on the mini-z & dnano news flash (http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog/) website?

man, i hate that micro dnano screw the servo retention piece requires. that's going to be a pain going forward. better make sure you stock up on that dnano screw part set.

2013.12.01, 12:47 AM
I had a clear cassis once, but did not like it a lot. The screw threads did not last long and it seemed less durable than the other alternatives otherwise too.

It is possible to modify the MR03 cassis to fit VE electronics, but I would not advise this. VE circuit board is longer than MR03 circuit board. Should be quite easy to fit MR03 electronics to VE cassis, but I have not tried this yet.