View Full Version : Q. before buying

2013.12.10, 07:25 AM
Hi.. first i have the losi brushless truggy.i was looking at the mini z lazer thats double the price. is the mini z that much better then the losi or should i just keep the losi

2013.12.10, 01:13 PM
Depends on what you are using it for. If you are looking for speed and jumps and bashing go with the losi. But if you are going to run on a track or if you are going to run on a small space go with the kyosho because it has better steering response and a better drive train.

2013.12.11, 07:20 AM
is there any parts i should buy if i buy one.

2013.12.11, 03:18 PM
maybe a 50-70 turn motor and some more tires. If for onroad or indoors the atomic rubber tires are ok but the kyosho foams are the best. The pn tires are probably going to be the best for outdoors beside the lazer stock tires.