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2013.12.13, 10:48 AM
I'm looking at Sunday the 29th, we have all discussed this via text and it seems like we will have a full crew for this date. It is an open invite too so be mindful of parking so we can let possible out-of-staters use the driveway... you regulars all know where to park up at Earl's.

I will try to get in touch with Paul at Railyard Hobbies too... maybe he's ready for us to hold an event there and maybe this HFAY BTE would be perfect to hold there. If it seems feasible and he's up for it, I'll push for it but as it stands now, the race will be at my place.

So... barring any snowtastrophes, that's where were at and that's what we're gunning for!

2013.12.13, 11:58 AM
Should be good.

2013.12.22, 01:54 PM
i will be there. im going to be bringing a friend along if he is available next sunday...he was asking me about these cars. he wants to have an AWD and a racer. the awd mainly for toying around and "drifting"

2013.12.22, 03:05 PM
I still have an MR02 for sale and a good radio to boot if he's interested.

Mike Keely
2013.12.22, 04:18 PM
I am going to try and make this one. I sent a text out to our crew to see who is up for a road trip. I hope you can get it at the hobby shop. MK

2013.12.22, 10:52 PM
I tried to chat with the owner at Railyard yesterday, too busy. Going to call him tomorrow to see if he's up for it. Either way it goes, it's gonna be fun. Got pit space for 12 and only have 6 regulars, myself included. Not a problem to get some pits going in the garage or breezeway either... Got a propane heater for thos areas.

2013.12.23, 02:16 AM
I'm really trying to make this event. What time are you gonna open.

Mike Keely
2013.12.23, 07:00 AM
Looking like three of us are going to come.

2013.12.23, 08:35 AM
Usually around 9:30am, no problem to open upa bit earlier if you want to.

Mike Keely
2013.12.24, 06:48 AM
Hi Ed, any luck if the hobby shop will let you hold the race there or not? If not can you please PM me your address? Thanks MK

2013.12.24, 09:21 AM
We're gonna play it safe and have it at my place. At least then I'm assured that there's no logistical issues with getting the racing in, plus it's a free raceday fo all!

Mike Keely
2013.12.24, 10:42 AM
Should we bring tables, extension cords, chairs, and power strips?

2013.12.24, 02:18 PM
Wouldn't hurt... maybe one table. Out-of-staters get dibs on pit spots though. Pretty sure we'll have enough spaces though.

2013.12.27, 02:49 PM
Here's the list so far of who said thay are coming:

Me (might as well show up)
Friend of Quinn

That's 9 so far, not sure how many are actually coming with Mike and KWT though. So, there's 12 pit spaces downstairs and I can always open up the garage too. Don't worry, it'll be heated. But some may need to bring tables and cords if possible just to be safe.

I'll open up at 8am Sunday if anyone wants to get a jump on things. I'm gonna straighten up the track tonight so all is ready for Sunday.

2013.12.27, 03:56 PM
The question is..........will Ed be up and going by 8:00? :rolleyes::p;):D

2013.12.27, 09:54 PM
The question is..........will Ed be up and going by 8:00? :rolleyes::p;):D

My screendoor makes an excellent alarm clock. I don't plan on partying too hard Saturday night. :rolleyes:

Planning to qualify F1 like the big boys do, rank into Mains by fastest legitimate lap, bump ups into next higher Main for winner of previous if so desired. Would like to keep the car count for mains at 4.

For racer... not so sure yet, depends on how many drivers we get.

Oh, and if you have those ancient Core transponders lying around... bring them with! I do have enough for an army but if you have one that is guaranteed to work and you feel safer with it you might want to bring it with you. I also have pleny of velcro for putting them into the bodies too.

2013.12.27, 10:27 PM
Ok ill give you a break. Ill be there at 8:01 ...give you xtra time. :p

2013.12.29, 12:47 AM
Track is swept, seats all arranged, laptops ready to go. Gotta go get my 4hr nap in now.

Little yellow and white house, paved driveway, shed up top and a busted light a bit up the hill. Most likely it will be the house with all the cars in the driveway. Front door is never used. :D

Hope everyone has a safe trip!

2013.12.29, 08:23 PM
I would like to thank Ed for being such a great host for this event. We had lots of fun and met a bunch of new people.

2013.12.29, 10:58 PM
It was fun! Good to meet you all. Hope all enjoyed. :)

2013.12.29, 11:10 PM
Good racing, good times, what rain?
Why more people are not into this scale of racing just boggles the brain!

Thought we'd get more racers but running with a small crew just provided for a more laid back atmosphere. I had a good time too and I thank all you guys for showing up! You are welcome anytime we race!

Close racing, a few tie-ups I caused that I wasn't too proud of but all in all, some good close racing. Hope to do it all again sometime soon!

I will post up the numbers soon!

Mike Keely
2013.12.30, 07:23 AM
Glad I came also. Had a great time. Very close racing. Thanks for the efforts you put into this Ed. We do appreciate it. MK

2014.01.12, 02:57 AM
Quinn's vid of the Mod race:


2014.01.12, 05:45 PM
Looks pretty good video!.