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2013.12.15, 08:56 AM
Hello everyone at mini-zracer.

I have a mr-02rm as of now but i whant to buy a new one, but im stuck on whicth im going to get. so to my questions.

1. Is it possible to use mr-03 for drifting or do you need a 4wd for it ? (i know that it will take time to learn)

2. Is the ma-10 good for racing and drifting ?

3. Can someone explain this offset thing so i can fit a body kit on my mr-02rm thats made for mr-01

2013.12.15, 11:53 PM
1 awd (4wd) is better to learn drifting.
2 yes and yes, just switch out the tires drift tires for drift, rubber tires for racing
3 offsets on the rim pertain to the track width (looking at the front or back views of the car, it is the distance from one tire to the other), using rims with +1 +2 etc will mean that the track width will be wider. each body uses a corresponding rim, which in turn has a specific offset (depending on the type of chassis you plan to use).
What body are you planning to use?

2013.12.16, 03:59 AM
Hello again.
The body that whant to use is The Fast and The Furious Wild Speed Skyline GT-R MR-01.