View Full Version : January 25, 2014 - Kyosho Stock

2013.12.15, 09:09 AM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

we will be running HFAY # in order to get practice for HFAY S17 race 3 and 4 in February.

https://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.printablepicture.acd750ed823b75a8.484641592 d747261636b2d31325f7072696e74696e672e6a7067.jpg

2013.12.18, 01:40 PM
i will have my white Audi R8 installed before 1/25 and have the white Ferrari 458 and 599XX as backup. Brandon has said me might come but not spending a fortune on a new car and transmitter till i see more promise of that happening. Michael has been asking for a 90mm car but i'm inclined to keep him on stock till his skill level increases.

2013.12.18, 09:38 PM
We are looking forward to being there.

2014.01.17, 07:38 PM
i got notice today i have to fly to massachusetts the 24th for a funeral so i'll need someone to take the reigns on the 25th.

i'll likely need to make a run to woodbridge this saturday ian wants to meet up in VA somewhere for pick up of the stuff i was to deliver on the 25th.

FYI, all the Lotus bodies have been assigned to poeple, even John got one so looks like we are all good for a 86mm race. just need to pick one of the stock racing days to do so.

jeremey confirmed replacement parts have been ordered so hobby works should be getting a restock.

2014.01.21, 11:13 AM
anyone confirm they will be there to get the track setup, etc.?

updated with track layout.

2014.01.21, 07:55 PM
I plan on being there but me and computers don't get along. :o

2014.01.21, 08:12 PM
awesome, sorry i'm going to miss you guys again but awesome you will be there to keep it moving. shouldn't be to difficult given were just running practice round with core, then 1 or 2 races with core so no management issues with zround.

i don't know if the parts restock will be in by this weekend but definitely by next HFAY.

i'll have to drop off all the stuff to you guys next HFAY.

2014.01.22, 02:06 PM
We won't be able to make it this weekend. I have to work this weekend. Sorry, we will miss this race.

2014.01.26, 08:51 PM
Good time yesterday. Mainly just testing and tuning and good fun.