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2013.12.15, 09:21 AM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

we will be running HFAY # .

https://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.printablepicture.b8edbe1ad086ccfb.484641592 d747261636b2d345f7072696e74696e672e6a7067.jpg

2014.05.18, 07:19 PM
charge up the batteries, get ready for stock class next saturday!

don't forget to bring your 86 or 90mm chassis for our 2nd to last mix class race till december.

2014.05.21, 07:32 PM
don't forget, this is a holiday weekend! what better way to get it started than stock class racing followed by 86/90mm. :p

2014.05.23, 08:36 PM
Due to equipment failure of a worthless scag zero turn mower and grass growing out of control I will not be racing tomorrow. Have to track down a main drive belt for the mower deck as it failed this evening.:mad::mad::mad::mad:
And if I can't find the belt I have to find a tractor to finish the job.:mad::):mad::mad::mad: hope to see y'all soon if I don't blow up five acres of worthless grass.

2014.05.26, 11:46 AM
Sorry for the tractor troubles bill.

Smaller turn out Saturday but fun none the less. :p We had a new driver, Andrew, was able to make it today however not able to stick around for timed racing. i'm hoping he will be joining us again.

Austin was able to get around fairly fast with his Porsche but between wheel rub and center of gravity, he was fighting it to keep it on 4 wheels all day. Kat was doing well with the pink Murc but not able to overcome the plastic magnets within the rails ;) John took the same car and took 3rd in his round. Michael was able to focus on keeping the car in the center line and pulled out the win with 72 laps over Austin in 2nd with 47 followed by Kat with 40.

Well, Bill wasn't here so 1st was up for grabs. There was only 7 laps between 1st and 3rd so we put up a good fight for it over a 10 minute main. With stock motors, it really does come down to keeping it clean, keeping a good line and overtaking without wrecking. While John ran maybe one of his cleanest races yet, it wasn't enough to keep up with Kris and myself. In the end, I just couldn't make up any ground on Kris when he doesn't make mistakes :rolleyes: We exchanged some very close proximity laps but Kris walked away with a 2 lap win with 114 laps over my 112. Well earned win :p John followed up us close behind with 107. Nick and KWT were even closer in their main with only a single lap between them! Nick too it in the nick of time ;) with 90 laps over KWT's 89.

Seem many are still tuning the 86-90 chassis but the clear winner in this class was John by a long shot. His Porsche 911 was just planted, fast and he drove it well. John too 1st with 107 laps over my 93 in the Porsche 906 followed by a split decision between Kris and Austin, both with 74 laps, decided by 1/100th of a second. Kris in his Lotus Exige and Austin with his dad's Lotus Exige. Michael was a DNF due to temperament :rolleyes: He may be facing facing a 1 race suspension due to poor conduct.

I wasn't able to get any video or pictures but i'm sure Nick will be uploading his soon. Please share your thoughts, looking to keep the energy going through the summer when it's hardest to keep minds indoors:p if your on google+, be sure to follow the club to see the photos and video's.

I promise to have 86mm class video starting in July! If you haven't tried it before, I think you would be surprised at how fun such a short wheelbase cars can be. I'm confident in saying my 906 is faster than my 90mm Cooper.

Tips for 86mm, smooth turns ;) while you can jerk a 98mm 70t car around turns, you have to use some finesse with 86mm and 90mm. The moment I forget that, my 906 ends up on it's roof and getting spun around like a pinwheel. :p

2014.05.26, 09:54 PM
Just so it's clear, Austin was racing my Lotus against Kris. I was too lazy to switch the transponders.

2014.05.27, 02:16 PM
Just so it's clear, Austin was racing my Lotus against Kris. I was too lazy to switch the transponders.

thanks for the reminder, made the necessary edits :p this is what becomes of transcribing events several days afterward :o

2014.05.27, 11:58 PM
Thanks for the great write up Raymond! Just uploaded photos to the Google+ space. Hope to get video up in the next day or two :)

2014.05.28, 08:21 AM
great pictures, this one sums up what makes our stock class days so much fun.


2014.05.28, 05:39 PM
That is one of the coolest photos I've seen in a long time. Great shot Nick. :-)

2014.05.30, 11:06 PM
Thanks Kris!

Ok, just uploaded the video to the YouTube channel. Sorry for the delay :o, but it's been a bear of a week. Next time I hope to remember my tripod to eliminate some of the shaky footage.

2014.05.30, 11:34 PM
Another great clip show! Cant thank you enough for the photos and videos.